SDB Evening News Reads for 060811: Swipe Fees and Pathetic Politicians

Should get some of this stuff and spread it around Washington...what do you think?

Sitting in my little room, looking out the window at the trees. Every few moments the breeze shakes the leaves and branches sway.  It is way better than watching the damn cable news shows. And honestly, I could probably get a better broadcast from a couple of dogwoods than Wolf and that other dud that is on the show with him…or any one of the media personalities on the screen today.

So, just forgive my rant and let’s get to it…

Here is the latest on the Swipe Fees vote:  2nd UPDATE: Senate Defeats Plan To Delay Debit-Card Regulations –

In a blow to the financial industry, the U.S. Senate on Wednesday defeated a bipartisan plan to postpone new federal debit-card regulations.

The 54-to-45 vote means new rules that would reduce the debit-card transaction fees banks charge merchants are set to take effect next month as scheduled, a move that could cost the financial industry billions of dollars in lost fee revenue.

Garnering support for a delay from the majority of the Senate was a major feat in the banking industry’s uphill battle to block the new regulations. But because of its controversial nature, proponents of the measure to postpone the rules needed a 60-vote supermajority to prevent a filibuster.

Now, the financial industry seems to be turning to Plan B: urging the Federal Reserve to revamps its plan to limit the debit card fees known as swipe fees or interchange fees.

Don’t know if it is a mental block against all companies or banks or politicians making more money, just don’t have the energy to comment on this swipe thing right now.

There’s a heat wave going on in the North East, and a huge wildfire raging in Arizona.  Arizona wildfire swallows over 600 square miles | Reuters

A wildfire believed sparked by inattentive campers blazed unchecked for an 11th day in eastern Arizona on Wednesday, leaving at least 600 square miles of pine forest blackened and menacing several mountain towns near the New Mexico border.

The monster blaze, ranking as Arizona’s second-largest wildfire on record, has chased up to 2,000 people from homes in and around two communities in immediate danger, Eager and Springerville, since Tuesday, fire officials reported.

This next link is sad…pathetic and pitiful…I remember when Lieberman wasn’t such a disappointment. Someone explain to me why he is doing this? Senility?

Joe Lieberman becomes Glenn Beck’s newest fanboy and will attend his ‘Restoring Courage’ Rally | Crooks and Liars

Joe Lieberman joined Glenn beck on his FOX Show the other day and boy, was it a love-fest. Joe played Beck’s fanboy and showered him with hugs and kisses.

Jose Baez, the attorney for Casey Anthony has a jerk ass past…like failing to pay child support and get health insurance for his daughter.

Casey Anthony Trial: Who Is Defense Attorney Jose Baez? – ABC News

It has taken a while for Baez to establish himself as a defense lawyer. Despite graduating from law school in 1997, the Navy veteran was denied admission to the Florida bar for eight years until 2005.

An order by the Supreme Court of Florida states that he was denied admission because of his failure to pay child support to his ex-wife and secure life and health insurance for his teenage daughter. It states that he had previously declared bankruptcy, written bad checks and defaulted on student loans, the court said.

The Florida Supreme Court said his financial mishaps coupled with failure to pay child support “show a lack of respect for the rights of others and a total lack of respect for the legal system, which is absolutely inconsistent with the character and fitness qualities required of those seeking to be afforded the highest position of trust and confidence recognized by our system of law.”

So, the lawyer for Casey Anthony sounds like he has the kind of personality and past track record to go far…he should run for office. Seems to me Anthony would have done better with Jackie Chiles.  Is this some sort of plan, to get a mistrial?

One more link, to this series of photos from The Lens  Ernesto Bazan Explores Western Cuba, a Countryside Where Little Has Changed –

The rhythm of life among the guajiros en el campo — farmers in the countryside — is a slower one that reminded Mr. Bazan of his childhood in Sicily and offered a respite from the melancholy, gritty urban world portrayed in his previous book “Cuba.” He found himself returning often to the western end of the island where he spent days with farmers like Fidel Rodriguez.

“In an hour and a half from Havana, I would be in another era,” Mr. Bazan said by phone from Spain, where he had been conducting editing workshops. “The Cuban countryside is stuck in time. Havana was more agitated, but the countryside had an extraordinary slowness. They lived off their land, they had animals, so they could eat better. It was different from the city where people felt all the economic restrictions. In the countryside it was poverty with dignity.”

So that is it for me today.  I know it is disjointed and doesn’t flow, but my brain just is not functioning…hate these migraines.

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  1. WomanVoter says:

    Can I have my vote back, I voted for him, because Gore said he believed in the Democratic platform… whaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  2. Lieberman/Beck 2012! Because the world is ending anyway. /snark

  3. MM, hope your migraine eases up and take it easy. I admire all that you can blog while you’re having one. I don’t get migraines all the time but end up in bed when I do. I’m pretty wimpy 😉

  4. paper doll says:

    The New York Times is reporting that the congressman’ Anthony Weiner ‘s wife, Huma Abedin, is pregnant.

    • Oh Huma… Hillary must be giving that girl her ear and counsel.

    • paper doll says:

      here’s hoping the press will now give him the GOP naughty pass…for her sake!

      • jillforhill says:

        Anthony called Bill today and apologized to him. Bill and Hillary say Huma is their second daughter and Chelsea considers her a sister.

    • dakinikat says:

      If I were her I think I’d being weighing my options as a single mom.

      • paper doll says:

        oh I think this breaking means she’s staying . I believe it’s to change the tone

      • dakinikat says:

        I wouldn’t want a child of mine around some one with impulse control issues, frankly. That would be the overriding concern for me.

      • oh I think this breaking means she’s staying . I believe it’s to change the tone

        I agree.

      • WomanVoter says:

        I hope she knows, what Elizabeth Edwards knew, ‘Its not about her, it’s his issues…his demons’. Beautiful, intelligent, caring and devoted wives…the issues are with the men here. Glad she is away with Hillary and taking care and being cared for by people that love her.

  5. Peggy Sue says:

    Lieberman and Beck??? There must be something in the water. And Beck is shilling this ‘Restoring Courage’ confab as a historic moment, a defining moment for attendees, one that God will take notice of. Because we all know that Beck has God’s ear.


    Anyone who takes Beck seriously is around the bend. I guess that says it all for Lieberman.

    As for the card swipe battle, this is apparently a 14 billion dollar issue that the banks did not want to give up. The retailers won this round. It will be interesting to see how the consumer fares because both sides insisted that they were protecting the interests of the buying public.

    My natural inclination [and confessed bias] is to side with anyone fighting the bankers.

    • paper doll says:

      because both sides insisted that they were protecting the interests of the buying public.

      The retailers actually are fighting for their lives…. mostly today if you aren’t getting money directly from the US Treasury like the banks are , usually you are screwed . But the retailers, unlike the banks , still care if we have a dollar to spend …thankfully someone does

      My natural inclination [and confessed bias] is to side with anyone fighting the bankers.


  6. paper doll says:

    WASHINGTON (AP) – June 8, 2011 — Rep. Allyson Schwartz of Pennsylvania is the first Democratic member of Congress to call on Anthony Weiner to resign

    Wow This is very interesting. Allyson Schwartz, is a long time, solid Hillary Dem .

    • paper doll says:

      This is part of what’s going on…I can’t figure it out. Either Allyson is doing this for for Hillary or Obama .
      I can’t say which …but the Weiner wars seems to becoming a proxy one.

      • I don’t think it’s for Hillary.

      • paper doll says:

        I agree…and it’s weird…because as I say she’s a long time Hill girl….Obama always picks the nearest and dearest he can to do the hit job . Sad …I mean sad to see Allyson bend her knee and attack camp Hill

    • Peggy Sue says:

      Even Ed Rendell came out today and said Weiner has reached the end note, that there’s no way he can be effective after this last release. He suggested he resign and get treatment for something that looks very much like a compulsion. He said it with sadness because he’s a friend of Weiner and admires his passionate and unflinching support of the working class, the poor, etc. That’s the hard part–the man’s always been on the right side of the issues. But . . .looks like he’ll bite the dust.

      As for Schwartz, she’s been tasked in recruiting, strong credible Dem candidates to run against Republicans in 2012. She probably feels this hullabaloo will make that job a whole lot harder.

  7. bostonboomer says:

    Casey Anthony’s defense team also includes the wife of a serial killer.

  8. Taylor Marsh:

    I remain someone who doesn’t think stupidity is a criminal offense, nor is a libido, and neither means someone can’t handle their job in Congress. It’s also not breaking news that a man could be proud of his junk and the boys. It’s just best not to take a photo then transmit it across open technology platforms when you’re a sitting congressman, no matter how proud you might be. It’s criminally dumb, but not shocking to me.

    To drive the point home, I particularly want to get sleuthing anti sex puritans out of politics so that private foibles, except something seriously criminal, should not be an impediment to public office. It’s simply long past time America grew up.

    When I look at the carnage of the George W. Bush presidency, a faithful man who couldn’t navigate technology if his life depended on it, I’m convinced of this.

    Rep. Anthony Weiner engaged in risky behavior considering the trail technology leaves, which may or may not require counseling, but it doesn’t mean he can’t work a job if New Yorkers want him to.

    The notion that Weiner will keep Democrats from focusing or winning in 2012 is preposterous, but that’s what Obama loyalists are pimping. People are focused on the economy and jobs, with the longer Republicans focus on Weiner’s weiner bound to eventually cause a backlash.

    Completely agree!

    • bostonboomer says:

      I agree with Taylor too.

    • paper doll says:

      My issue with him is the stupidity . I’m done with stupidity and saying it’s okay. It ‘s not. And this amazing stupidity is shocking . It’s not the sextexting…it’s stupidity of an out spoken liberal gifting his enemies in this manner. He’s not some back bender. He’s supposedly our best. Thanks, Tony

      • paper doll says:

        opps, back bencher!

      • madamab says:

        That’s EXACTLY how I feel.

        It’s not as though these guys don’t realize what they’re up against with the press and the Repubs. How stupid do you have to be to send Little Anthony over the Intertubez?


        Thought you Skydancers would be interested in this article about how long it takes people to find jobs these days. The average is 39 weeks.

      • It was tremendously stupid… but I still think it’s for his constituents to decide if that’s a dealbreaker for them or not. As I’ve said before, I do wish outspoken liberals wouldn’t risk the liberal brand this way, though. If that’s selfish of me, fine, I’m selfish. But, it’s such an uphill climb as it is for liberalism to get a voice anywhere in the mainstream, and everybody knows how the rightwing machine works.

      • Thursday's Child says:

        Yeah. Anyway, I was getting tired of “dick” this, “dick” that even before this Weiner generated stupidity broke. Who cares about his stupid little tube anyway? Let’s get back to real news.

      • Seriously says:

        I agree it’s not the sexting–but if it were Loretta Sanchez or Nikki Haley or Cynthia McKinney or Niki Tsongas, the sexting alone with no other misconduct would end their careers in a flat second. So there’s that.

    • paper doll says:

      but I still think it’s for his constituents to decide if that’s a dealbreaker for them or not

      Oh I agee with that. I haven’t said he should step down…but i’m not saying it’s okay and what’s the big deal? He knew the dangers of what he was doing I’m sure better than we do…yet could not stop himself from endangering everything he supposedly holds dear for some thrill . I frankly think he wanted to be caught .

  9. mjames says:

    Well, I guess the picture is now out there, leaked by that slimebucket Breitbart. This is beyond awful. Weiner is probably contemplating suicide. How could he not be? And how could Breitbart have stooped so low? He had the picture on his cellphone and was proudly showing it off to the media (he says so himself) to verify that he had the pic. I mean, Weiner was already done for – why do this? Breitbart claims he wasn’t responsible, but please – this was done intentionally to demolish Weiner. I have no love lost for Weiner, but releasing this pic is so sick. Nasty and sick, sick, sick. Not content with destroying someone, no, no, let’s drive the guy to suicide. Tell me again why Obama thinks it necessary to make nice with these sick, sick people?

  10. UGH. I just saw Elliot Spitzer interviewing Andrew Breitbart and then follow up with Howard Kurtz. Talk about surreal.

    The MSM letting Breitbart walk out of this unscathed after showing Opie and Anthony the photo is pathetic, even for the MSM.

    • bostonboomer says:

      I thought Spitzer would leave this story alone, for obvious reasons.

      Melanie Sloan of CREW says that a lot of Dems hate Weiner because of his prominence in the media.

      “This is a massive overreaction and I don’t understand it,” said Melanie Sloan, executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

      Sloan pointed to the recent ethics case of another New York congressman, Charles Rangel, as an example of the double standard being pushed by some Democrats for Weiner.

      The House Ethics Committee found Rangel — the former chairman of the powerful Ways and Means Committee, which writes the nation’s tax laws — guilty of improper fundraising, inappropriate possession of multiple rent-controlled apartments and failure to pay taxes on a vacation home, among other charges.

      “There were very few calls on Rangel to resign and he was censured of serious misconduct involving his office – really serious things that had potential for criminal charges,” Sloan said. “We don’t have anything remotely like that in the Weiner case.”

      Sloan explained that the mounting pressure on Weiner may stem in part from the early precedent set by House Speaker John Boehner when, at the first sign of sexual misconduct, he urged Reps. Mark Souder (R, Ind.) and Chris Lee (R, N.Y.) to resign, even though their behavior didn’t appear to involve any abuse of their office.

      “A lot of people really hate Weiner, too,” she said, referring to Weiner’s colleagues in the House, some of whom are said to have been rankled by his personality and frequent media appearances.

      • Spitzer said that Breitbart was correct in assessing that Weiner has become a problem for Democrats and the sentiment has coalesced that he should resign. Isn’t that absurd? Spitzer? Breitbart determining what’s a problem for Democrats? Hello?

      • Spitzer also took Breitbart at his word that he didn’t know the photo he was showing to Opie and Anthony was being photographed.

      • mjames says:

        Obviously, Weiner is not liked by the Dems (and he does come off as a pompous ass) and Breitbart may well have found encouragement among the Dems (like Spitzer, that paragon of virtue, but on Capitol Hill too) to go after him, but, still, how did the photo get out? There is only one answer. Breitbart. He was the one carrying the photo around and showing it off. Please. We’re not idiots out here. This stinks so bad. Breitbart’s fixation on Weiner is deranged. How quick they forget what Breitbard did to Shirley Sherrod. Jesus, I actually feel so bad for Weiner, even though I find his reckless cybersex repulsive. He obviously has some serious issues. But he did not deserve this. Breitbart is the penis-sniffing scum of the earth.

      • madamab says:

        They don’t just hate him because of his media prominence – they hate him because he has a spine and stands up to the wingnuts.

        He is a problem for Obama because he makes Obama look like the wimpy Reagan-loving *ssh0le he truly is.

        It is more dangerous to be a liberal Dem under Obama, than it is to be a wingnutty Repub.

      • Woman Voter says:

        Wonk The Vote, check out little football (s) they have the Andrew Breitbart lies…Ann Coulter was shown the picture…lots of people were, it was all done intentional…Spitzer has lost his touch in getting at the truth.

  11. mjames says:

    You know, this latest – the release of the pic of Weiner’s erection – may be typical Republican overkill (you know, like all the Repub jerks who were elected last year who are already despised for their union-busting, pension-stealing, generally not-helping-the-average-schmo ways).

    I am one who makes no excuses whatsoever for Weiner’s arrogance, recklessness, selfishness, and stupidity, and I have made that very clear here in earlier posts. I find him repulsive. No excuses hold any water for me.

    But, now, I despise Breitbart and the harm he’s caused to another human being even more (before the exposure of Weiner’s dick it was 50-50 for me). I would not be surprised, if Weiner can hold off resigning, to see his district come out for him after this. This was a witch hunt. Pure and simple. Spanning a very long time. A witch hunt about a middle-aged fool who fell in love with his erection. I am now with those who say who gives a damn. I mean, I still condemn his behavior, but I condemn even more this Breitbart scum who targets and then then tries to destroy a Dem, any Dem.

    If I were advising Weiner, I’d say hold on a minute. There is going to be a backlash against those waging the sex war. I am speaking as one, albeit a very liberal one, who would never have come to his defense until this latest. That’s my poll of one – but I bet it has merit. I feel terrible for Weiner and his family. He does not deserve this sadism (which also contains quite deviant sexual behavior on the part of Breitbart, of whom I would ask, if given the opportunity to question him, whether he was aroused during this “investigation” – a question I already know the answer to).

    • paper doll says:

      of course Breitbart is scum…but did he photograph Wiener’s penis and then send it over the Internet ?? Wiener and his family are suffering from what Wiener did….that his enemies are exploiting it is to be expected. Saying he doesn’t deserve this is like saying someone playing traffic doesn’t deserve to be run over….perhaps not. But it’s a very likely consequence anyone should foresee. He gambled and he lost….I hope the thrills was worth it

  12. dakinikat says:

    BATON ROUGE, La. —

    A Metairie lawmaker’s attempt to force a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade by banning abortion outright in Louisiana has been derailed to the House budget committee.

    The 65-30 vote of the House on Wednesday to send Rep. John LaBruzzo’s bill to the House Appropriations Committee could shelve the measure for the legislative session.

    LaBruzzo is proposing to define a fetus as a person from the moment of conception, which would ban abortion, including in rape and incest cases, in violation of current federal law. Anti-abortion groups are split on the worth of the idea.

    Lawmakers who supported sending the bill to the Appropriations Committee cited the possibility it could jeopardize $4.5 billion in federal health care funding Louisiana receives for its Medicaid program.

  13. Minkoff Minx says:

    First, I want to apologize for anything I may say tonight that offends anyone. (Head tends to snuff out any “nice” thoughts.)

    Okay, The whole Weiner thing is really making me ill. After reading this from his ex Kirsten Powers, tell me if you all get the same feelings about him as I do. Some of the stuff he says is very misogynistic. And I think exposes a violent nature to all this sex talk. h/tBlueLyon

    Anthony Weiner’s Ex Kirsten Powers: He Lied to Me – The Daily Beast

    But even if I could see past the lying and extreme narcissism that is noteworthy even by Washington standards, there is the issue of his attitude toward women. What has emerged is a picture of a predator trolling the Internet for women—some half his age—with which to engage in cybersex. We know only about the women who were responsive to his overtures. The odds are very high that he struck out with many, and other women were victim to his unsolicited sex talk. Women should be able to “friend” a married—or unmarried—congressman on Facebook or follow him on Twitter without fear of being the recipient of lewd talk or behavior. Just because a woman “likes” your video on Facebook doesn’t mean you can send her a picture of your penis. This is textbook sexual harassment. It may not be illegal, but it’s definitely unethical. He is in a position of influence, and many women—especially a 21-year-old—would be afraid to report a congressman doing that to them because he holds so much power. Also, he claims none of the women he contacted were underage, but how could he possibly know that?

    By far the most disturbing information that we have been privy to—there is, no doubt, more out there that we don’t know—is the transcript of a nine-month “sexting” relationship Weiner had with a Las Vegas blackjack dealer. Radar Online posted the transcript, and it is rife with misogyny and distorted views about women. In referring to oral sex, Wiener tells her, “You will gag on me before you c** with me in you” and “[I’m] thinking about gagging your hot mouth with my c***.” This is not about sex. It’s about dominating and inflicting physical pain on a woman, a fantasy the hard-core porn industry makes billions of dollars on selling to men. You don’t want to gag a woman with your penis unless you have some serious issues with the way you see women.

    I had not read any of the transcripts on this thing. I did not even know that this post was written until I saw the mention of it on my reader.

    Powers ends with this:

    Despite my disappointment in his behavior and my concerns about his capacity to be in a leadership position, my heart still aches for him and his family. We are all flawed human beings, and this is not about meting out judgment. It’s about having some sort of standard for what the Democratic Party stands for—especially regarding treating women with dignity and respect—and Congressman Weiner has fallen far short of even the low standard to which we generally hold our elected officials. It’s time for him to go.

    I have to agree with this statement…I think she has a point about treating women with dignity and respect.

    I have been saying that he should stay, and that this is being blown our of proportion. And maybe it is…but after reading this, I feel sick. And that is the last thing I am going to say on the matter.

    Now I am going back into my cave…check in a little later. Have a feeling it is going to be a long and painful night. Ugh.

    • Fannie says:

      Yea Mink, I haven’t said much on the situation, and sort of waiting for it all come shuffling out. Here is the thing, I don’t see him as a real man. Maybe it’s my expectations, but he’s got along way to go. It is men who show us how they are in the “real world” of government, of corporations, and sports, and everydamn thing else.

      I have no admiration for this man. This is his story, and he dug his own grave. And far as his wife and unborn baby, that’s private, and when he confessed he should not have brought them to the front pages.

    • Thursday's Child says:

      Basically exactly what I was saying yesterday about him going after young women, but nobody else here seemed to think it was any big deal – “young women can take care of themselves” (and if not, they can suffer in hell, I guess). Not surprised he’s a predator and misogynist, just that it is being acknowledged.

      • Branjor–did anyone actually say that? That “young women can take care of themselves” ? I don’t remember reading that..

        A woman can be vulnerable at any age, and women in their 20s to 30s today often go through a lot of self esteem issues, imho. But I also understand the point Kat made that women in their twenties can be more mature than these immature older men. Mostly because being more mature than them is such a low bar to cross anyway and also because there are a lot of women who have to grow up faster and fend for themselves in the world because nobody else is going to do it for them!

      • Thursday's Child says:

        Not exactly in those words, but that’s what I took away from my exchange with Kat yesterday.
        She ignored what I said about myself, and all in the name of defending him.
        Anyway, women in their twenties “can” be more mature than older men….what kind of a point is that? They also “can” be immature and very vulnerable. And in addition, the power differential is huge – men are more socially powerful than women, even when the same age or younger, the older are more socially powerful than the younger, plus men have been trained to be dominators and exploiters of women from infancy through their sex role training and women have not been trained even to recognize that fact, much less effectively neutralize it. It takes years to do so.

        • dakinikat says:

          I was not raised to be powerless nor did I raise my own daughters that way. I suggest you stop projecting your own experience onto other women.

        • dakinikat says:

          My mother didn’t raise me that way and I didn’t raise my daughters that way. My father didn’t treat me that way either. Pioneer and farm women aren’t raised to be powerless or helpless and in many cases are tougher than men. I can’t relate to anything you’re saying here. It sounds foreign to me and silly. There’s your “response”.

      • Which is why I said a woman can be vulnerable…etc.

        I can’t speak for Kat, but I didn’t take it as a point about Weiner and the women he sexted with. Just took it as her own personal experience. Shrug.

      • Thursday's Child says:

        She just popped in there with a personal anecdote that had nothing to do with the subject at hand? Forgive me for getting everything all wrong.

      • Thursday's Child says:

        Well, that was a stone cold heartless and hurtful response. Just because you are thus and so doesn’t mean every woman is. I don’t think I’m projecting my experience onto every woman, I’m just trying to bring some attention to those of us whose experiences are similar to mine and who don’t fit the stereotype of competent woman as opposed to “poor” man. I didn’t say every young woman is vulnerable and immature, just that some are. I didn’t deny your experience. I would like to see a little protectiveness of those women who are not quite as capable as you are and less protectiveness of a man with massive institutional power trolling the internet for young, inexperienced women to have cybersex with, and who has somehow been twisted into the victim in this case.

        • dakinikat says:

          Try pathetic man and I don’t see any victims in this because no one was coerced. What consenting adults do in their spare time is their business.

      • bostonboomer says:

        No one has referred to Weiner as “poor man.” His behavior is disgusting. I think we can all agree on that.

      • Thursday's Child says:

        Pathetic, poor, what’s the difference? As to victims, well, maybe not, but who knows how many women, and of what ages, he hit on *before* settling on the final six? As a youngster, it was the hitting on itself I found upsetting, even if I got away good and fast and he didn’t follow me.
        I’m glad we all agree that his behavior was disgusting.

    • MM, fwiw, you haven’t offended me in the least…

      I had heard about the Powers piece. I hadn’t read it though–I’ve been successfully avoiding the details of the Weiner scandal.

      I think Kirsten Powers viewpoint is understandable since Weiner personally duped her into defending him and telling lies for him unknowingly. If I were in her shoes, I’d be very unable to trust him on much of anything.

      All I can say is, while Weiner is coming across like a cad as far as his interactions with women go, I still think the fallout from this scandal is something for him, his wife, and his constituents to sort out.

      Of course we need to hold elected Ds to the standard of being a representative of the Party of Women, but if Weiner needs to resign for that reason, we need to start at the top. Reid, Pelosi, and Obama should resign then too.

    • bostonboomer says:


      • bostonboomer says:

        I hope Huma dumps him. As Dak said yesterday, this man should not be near children.

      • Between the pregnancy announcement and this report, it sounds like she’s staying:

      • Minkoff Minx says:

        @Wonk, I saw that last night…or I mean early morning. I wonder if she will still feel this way now that the transcripts of calls has come out. I got the impression that she did not know all this happened until the day of the press conference. Knowing your husband is doing these kind of things online with other women is one thing, seeing what he said (allegedly) is something else. All those “honey” and other terms of endearment have to sting…I am sure he calls her honey and stuff. I can tell you from experience, when you see those words being sent to some other woman, it hurts.

      • Mink, I’ve avoided the transcripts, so I didn’t know what he’s calling them. I kinda hope for the sake of Huma and her pregnancy and the stress factor, she doesn’t really read the transcripts right now either, though that may be unavoidable.

      • Seriously says:

        I hope she also avoids talking to any of their reporter friends, because he’s got them all out there industriously whispering that it’s her fault because of her travel schedule. I’ll give the guy credit for one thing, when it comes to things he really, really cares about he certainly is a fighter.

  14. Minkoff Minx says:

    Just caught this on NHK:

    NHK WORLD English

    Japan’s science ministry conducted a survey for radioactive substances at 11 locations in 10 municipalities from late March to mid-May.

    It says strontium-90 was detected in all 11 locations.

    In Namie Town, the reading stood at 250 becquerels per kilogram of soil, while in Iitate Village the reading was 120 becquerels per kilogram. The readings in the other locations were between 2 and 18 becquerels.

    Strontium-90 is generated during the fission of uranium in fuel rods in reactors.

    With a comparatively long half-life of 29 years, the radioactive substance poses a risk of accumulating in the bones if inhaled, because its properties are similar to those of calcium. If this happens, it could cause cancer.

    The ministry says the survey revealed that strontium was detected even in the city of Fukushima about 60 kilometers from the plant, suggesting wide-spread contamination.

    The readings of this strontium-90 go up northwest of the plant because of the prevailing winds. Check it out:

    The Nuclear Safety Commission says the detected doses of strontium were minimal, compared with those of cesium found in the region. It says the substance does not pose any immediate health threat.

    These poor people around that plant, I think they are being lied to.

  15. Minkoff Minx says:

    Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Too Many American Women Are Sitting On The Sidelines

    Has the women’s movement stalled, and are we still fighting the same fights that women have been fighting since the 70’s, when the women’s movement first really moved into the forefront?

    Yes, claims Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. And according to her, that needs to change.

    “Too many women are sitting on the sidelines today, and are not getting engaged. Many women think their votes don’t matter. That couldn’t be further from the truth,” Gillibrand stated in a conference call with bloggers. “Women are the economic engines of this country, and the key to economic security and rebuilding the middle class.”

    To address the inequities, both in Congress and in the current day-to-day economic situation, the New York Democrat has introduced a new initiative called “Off The Sidelines.” The website, which hosts tools to help women get better involved in leading in their communities, provides stories of women who have been able to get more involved in pushing the issues important to women — equal pay, equal representation, the ability to both work and parent, and how to engage in the greater conversations shaping our country.

    Here is the link to the website
    Off The Sidelines |

  16. Fannie says:

    Senator ought to tell Jarrett to get out of the way, and take over the White House’s Woman’s council, and make it work for women!