Wednesday Reads: Emotional and Physical Pain, we have both!

Morning news hounds! So much to discuss, so let’s get to it.

I think there is way more going on at the Japan Fukushima Nuclear Plant then they are letting on. For the latest news keep checking back on the blog, we will post any updates as they happen.

Here is a summary of the events over at Fukushima. SNAPSHOT-Japan’s nuclear crisis | Reuters

And for the latest, here is a link to Kyodo News: Kyodo News

I guess the positive side to this is that our own nuclear plants are getting some well needed scrutiny by the powers that be…On Capitol Hill, Trying to Learn Lessons from Fukushima –

Almost all American nuclear power plants have backup batteries that would last only half as long as those at Japan’s troubled Fukushima Daiichi plant did after a tsunami knocked out power there, an expert testified Tuesday at a Senate committee briefing on nuclear safety.

An industry official, addressing the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, conceded that battery life was “one of the obvious places” that nuclear operators would examine for potential improvements.

We have been discussing the Libya issue quite a lot on Sky Dancing. Everyone has strong opinions on this, I have felt that our action with the UN was necessary and I am very supportive of Hillary Clinton’s decision to urge Obama to do the right thing. I know we have linked to Juan Cole many times recently, but today I have this for you to think about: Why Obama had to act in Libya | Marc Lynch

This was the blunt, powerful heart of President Obama’s speech last night explaining American intervention in Libya: had the international community not acted when it did, thousands would have been slaughtered as the world watched.   The effects of that decision would have been felt across the Middle East, where America would have been deemed to have abandoned the people struggling for freedom in the Arab world.  And it would have quite simply been wrong. I have long been conflicted about the decision to intervene militarily, primarily because of the absence of a clearly defined end-game and the risk of escalation. I doubt that Obama’s speech will convince many of his critics. But I now think that he made the right call.

Obama had an interview on CBS with Erica Hill last night. Here is a link to the transcript.

Obama: Qaddafi regime’s “days are numbered” – CBS Evening News – CBS News

A day after President Obama laid out his case for intervention in Libya by saying that he authorized the use of military action to protect civilians from a “massacre,” he told CBS News that the regime of Muammar Qaddafi knows its “days are numbered.”

Special Section: Anger in the Arab World
Obama offers forceful defense of Libya action

In an interview with CBS News’ Erica Hill Tuesday, Mr. Obama answered questions about possible negotiations with Qaddafi’s regime, possible terror alliances within the pro-democracy rebellion and the United States’ goals in Libya.

In other Libya news: Washington Debates Idea of Arming Libyan Rebels –

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is engaged in a fierce debate over whether to supply weapons to the rebels in Libya, senior officials said on Tuesday, with some fearful that providing arms would deepen American involvement in a civil war and that some fighters may have links to Al Qaeda.

The debate has drawn in the White House, the State Department and the Pentagon, these officials said, and has prompted an urgent call for intelligence about a ragtag band of rebels who are waging a town-by-town battle against Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, from a base in eastern Libya long suspected of supplying terrorist recruits.

“Al Qaeda in that part of the country is obviously an issue,” a senior official said.

I posted a link about this recent Santorum sanitarium moment. Sometimes when I read some of the things these PLUBs say I think they really do belong in some sort of padded cell. The damage that is being done to our rights as women is like some sort of bad nightmare that I can’t wake up from. I want to scream and smack some sense into these Religious Right a-holes.

TRENDING: Santorum blames ‘abortion culture’ for problems with Social Security – CNN Political Ticker – Blogs

Santorum blames abortion for Social Security woes – War Room –

Speaking of Fetus Fanatics, I know that I have already mentioned the latest dig at black women from this anti-abortion group. Yes, from the same PLUBs that put that horrid ad up in NYC with the little girl, are now targeting poor areas in Chicago.  Flare-up over abortion sign – Chicago Sun-Times

A controversial anti-abortion billboard campaign that uses President Obama’s face to target black women was launched in Chicago amid angry scenes Tuesday.

Abortion-rights campaigners clashed with Always Life, the Texas-based anti-abortion group that plans to install 30 billboards across the South Side to draw attention to the disparity in the number of black women seeking abortions.

The billboard has a picture of Obama’s face next to the words “Every 21 minutes our next possible leader is aborted,” and encourages women to visit an anti-abortion website,

On to other “Women’s Issues” in the news:  Walmart sex-bias case divides US supreme court | Business | The Guardian

Conservative judges on the US supreme court sharply challenged lawyers attempting to bring the biggest sex discrimination case in history as a key hearing on the case got underway in Washington.

The court’s justices are set to decide by June whether lawyers representing potentially more than a million women employed by Walmart can bring a class-action sex-discrimination lawsuit against the retail giant. Their decision looks set to redefine discrimination cases in the US.

Over in Wisconsin, the judge has put off a decision yet again.  Wisconsin judge again halts collective bargaining law –

Amid a debate over whether Wisconsin’s new collective bargaining law had taken effect, a Wisconsin judge again put it on hold Tuesday and warned anyone against trying to implement it.

“Now that I’ve made my earlier order as clear as it possibly can be, I must state that those that act in willful and open defiance of a court order place not only themselves at peril of sanctions — they also jeopardize the financial and governmental stability of the state of Wisconsin,” said Dane County Circuit Court Judge Maryann Sumi.

Sumi may decide Friday whether the law will be allowed to stand — at least for now.

And speaking of Wisconsin and uptight religious conservatives, here is what happens when you have a rally supporting two things that these PLUBs detest the most.  I link to the wingnut right site below because most of you will not see the other sides propaganda unless we bring it to you. I know I would have never seen this if I was not keeping up with all news on Planned Parenthood. You can click the link, but if you don’t that is okay, here is a quote from it:  Wisconsin AFL-CIO Holds Joint Rally with Planned Parenthood | RedState

Maybe if you’ve been a union member for some time, you’ve been able to avoid some level of discomfort over your union dues going to the political campaigns of Democrats. Maybe you’re a hard-working conscientious person who can rationalize this by saying that, after all, the Democrats are more pro-union than Republicans, generally speaking. Maybe you were able to swallow your irritation at the massive union support for Obamacare despite knowing full well that Obamacare was likely to eliminate many working class jobs as companies could not afford to afford the mandate. Now, on the other hand, the Wisconsin AFL-CIO has gone one step farther to stand in defense of an organization – Planned Parenthood – that has nothing whatsoever to do with union or working issues. That’s right: from now on you (or at least your union dues) are now in favor of taxpayer funding for abortion.


It’s time for union members to stand up to this kind of disgusting overreach once and for all.

Overreach? What the hell do you call all the crap you are doing to women and their private, personal choice to make decisions about their own bodies…the hypocrisy is ridiculous.

Here is a post from last night that you may have missed on the recent violence against women in Libya. Libyan Rape Victim Faces Criminal Charges « Sky Dancing

I am no expert in the next couple links, so hopefully if Dakinikat is feeling better she can explain this more in her wonderful way.

Drop in home prices raises fear of double dip – The Washington Post

Home prices dropped in nearly all major housing markets in the country in January, according to price index numbers released Tuesday. Analysts said the decrease might be a harbinger of a double-dip recession in the housing market.

8 New Bills to Wind Down Fannie and Freddie –

House Republicans announced a package of eight bills on Tuesday that would wind down the mortgage finance giants, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, more quickly than the Obama administration proposed.

The proposals would dismantle Fannie and Freddie in a most ironic manner. The mortgage giants thrived for decades by behaving like private companies at public expense. The cumulative effect of the eight bills would make the companies behave like federal agencies while stripping away the advantages.

Fannie and Freddie would be required to pay their employees according to federal wage scales. The companies would be subjected to regular oversight by an inspector general and required to ask Treasury before borrowing money.

And for your last link, those scientist have found that emotional pain comes from the same part of the brain as physical pain. So those broken hearts really do hurt as bad as they seem to.  In our minds the emotional pain is like physical pain. Pain: Brain doesn’t differentiate between emotional, physical pain –

Like a jab in the arm with a red-hot poker, social rejection hurts. Literally. A new study finds that our brains make little distinction between the sting of being rebuffed by peers — or by a lover, boss or family member — and the physical pain that arises from disease or injury. The new findings are published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


The functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scanned the subjects and showed their brains responding both to emotional hurt and physical pain with increased blood flow to a wide range of common regions — a clear sign of “neural overlap” in the way we process and experience social and physical pain.

So what are you reading about today? Hit me with your best shot!

19 Comments on “Wednesday Reads: Emotional and Physical Pain, we have both!”

  1. bostonboomer says:

    I’m glad we started following the uprisings in the MENA from the beginning here at Sky Dancing. We began talking about Tunisia early on and then saw the domino effect of that.

    It would be tragic if the Arab spring had been undercut by a massacre of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Libya.

    But I think another reason I feel so strongly about Libya is that, like Juan Cole, when I was a young girl I was horrified when the U.S. encouraged the Hungarian revolution and then failed to intervene.

    We stood back and watched the Soviets crush the hopes of a people and murder so many of them. I didn’t want to see something like that happen again.

    • Minkoff Minx says:

      I am glad too BB, it is important to stop these dictator’s massacre of their own people. It just feeds other dictators in the area, that they can get away with these atrocities. It is the people who suffer.

  2. bostonboomer says:

    SCOTUS Justice Scalia ticketed after he rear-ended another car and caused a four-car pile up.

  3. bostonboomer says:

    NOAA website now lists dolphin death info.

  4. bostonboomer says:

    Radiation rises in seawater outside Fukushima plant.

    Toxic plutonium seeping from Japan’s nuclear plant.

    NOTE: Despite claims that the plutonium is not a threat to humans, there is no safe level of plutonium. Period.

    • gregoryp says:

      Some guy on CNN just claimed that all of the radioactive water has come from “leaking valves”. Don’t know what to say about that one. Would be great if that was actually correct as it would be a fairly simple fix.

  5. bostonboomer says:

    Cookbook author and food writer Mark Bittman is fasting to protest cuts in programs for the poor.

    Who are — once again — under attack, this time in the House budget bill, H.R. 1. The budget proposes cuts in the WIC program (which supports women, infants and children), in international food and health aid (18 million people would be immediately cut off from a much-needed food stream, and 4 million would lose access to malaria medicine) and in programs that aid farmers in underdeveloped countries. Food stamps are also being attacked, in the twisted “Welfare Reform 2011” bill. (There are other egregious maneuvers in H.R. 1, but I’m sticking to those related to food.)

    These supposedly deficit-reducing cuts — they’d barely make a dent — will quite literally cause more people to starve to death, go to bed hungry or live more miserably than are doing so now. And: The bill would increase defense spending.

    • purplefinn says:

      Excellent article. It is so wrong to propose cuts to the programs instead of increasing them as the economy and unemployment would dictate.

    • gregoryp says:

      I am so sick and tired of corporations, wealthy people and military contractors all having to make concessions and make do with less money so those dirty, lazy, smelly poor people can walk around polluting our environment, eating our food, and using up our energy.

      The nerve of those people! Why don’t they just go and kill themselves? Can’t they see they aren’t wanted and burden the rest of us? Why they are barely sentient anyway.

      Seriously though, why don’t Republicans understand simple economic principles? What is their malfunction? I still say it is a deep rooted prejudice against AA’s and the poor in general. Reforming welfare again? Eliminating federally backed home loans to lower income people? What exactly are these people thinking? America can be such a f’d up place to live. We don’t have our priorities straight.

    • Minkoff Minx says:

      Dear GOP, Get Your Hands Off My Body » New Deal 2.0

      Going after health programs for the poor, way to go right?

  6. okasha says:

    Joe Cannon has an interesting read this morning about Ghadaffi’s #2 son and presumed heir Saif, a playboy who pals with the Rothschilds and is dating an Israeli actress. I.e., he’s a whole set of different problems than his old man, a huge red flag to Al-Qaida and others of that ilk should he succeed his father.

    At a guess, Hillary and NATO allies recognize that, and it’s one of the reasons, along with humanitarian concerns, that they’ve decided Muamar must go while there’s an apparently viable opposition government ready to step into place.

  7. madaha says:

    well, after seeing a commerical for tyler perry’s new Madea movie, I was compelled to look this up:,33738/

    Because just in the preview, the character humiliatingly slaps 2 little boys square in the face. And it’s played for laughs. As someone who was slapped and hit as a child, I find it horrifying, and hope it gets more attention in the media. That crap shouldn’t pass without comment.

    • dakinikat says:

      I hate those movies where men play up their favorite stereotypes of women by doing themselves in drag. People sure pay money to see them, but I find it it a pathetic way to get back at your mother.

      • madaha says:

        good point – mommy issues up the whazoo, I’m sure. there are so many creepy stereotypes involved in that character, but it does seem like the slapping and hitting is portrayed positively. In the preview when she slaps 2 little boys at once, one of the adults in the room says “I’m so glad you’re here!” (the humiliation was public, to boot). *shudder* Like dominating and breaking a child’s spirit is the only way to teach them. I actually feel sorry for the child actors! That’s a lesson being taught them as well, I’m sure.

  8. Minkoff Minx says:

    Is anyone else feeling overwhelmed lately? Ugh…that article yesterday about the ordeal the little 11 year old girl has gone through down in Texas has really got me down.