Follow-up: GM Alfalfa

I wrote about GM Alfalfa several days ago, and wanted to post a short followup.

First, do we really need GM Alfalfa? Probably not. It’s not like Alfalfa is riddled with a weed problem in this country. Michael Pollan points out that 93% of the alfalfa in this country is raised without any herbicides at all. This makes sense, alfalfa as fodder can benefit from the addition of other plants (although not poisonous ones, obviously). My goats thrive on weedy alfalfa. Anyway, GM Alfalfa says Pollan, ‘is a bad solution to a problem that doesn’t exist’.

The Center for Food Safety is going to continue bringing Monsanto to court over GM Alfalfa. ‘by tackling a new angle, Page Tomaselli, staff attorney at the Center for Food Safety, explained Friday at the Eco-Farm Conference. Their strategy will hinge on the “gene flow” risk accepted by the Supreme Court last June as harmful and illegal under current environment protections.’ The Public Patent Foundation is also going to sue Monsanto (or continue suing Monsanto. The foundation has been fighting Monsanto’s patents for a while now). If the foundation succeeds (and it just won a court battle to declare patents concerning human genes invalid), most of Monsanto’s patents concerning living things will be rendered irrelevant. Yes!

The Center for Food Safety has issued a press release pointing out that Vilsack’s decision leaves many problems. Who’s liable if a farmer’s crop is destroyed by GM pollen? Who pays damages? WHo is going to monitor and control herbicide useage on a crop that doesn’t need it, unless it’s ‘Round-Up Ready’? Who is liable for the super-weeds that will result?

From the Department of ‘Of Course, We Should have Known!’ (via Kat) comes this news. Media reports suggest that the reason Vilsack disregarded the comments of 200,000+, the recommendations of Aphis and so on has to do with pressure from the White House. So I wonder, is Obama actually fake? I mean, is he, like, made by Monsanto and the others? Just a gas-bag filled with whatever, maybe Round-Up, and tuned to say certain things that get frat boys excited? I wonder what Michelle, organic gardening proponent that she is, thinks about this? I suppose it doesn’t really matter. Just more proof everyone up ‘high’ is bought and paid for by the time they are weaned.

10 Comments on “Follow-up: GM Alfalfa”

  1. bostonboomer says:

    Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! We are going to collapse. It’s just a matter of time with this much corruption and incompetence among the powers that be.

    • Sima says:

      That’s how I feel. I only hope our army doesn’t fire on us. I can’t believe the level of corruption that is routinely taking place. It makes me so very sad. Has it always been like this? It doesn’t seem that way, but maybe it has.

  2. Minkoff Minx says:

    Sima, thanks for keeping us updated with this.

  3. Sima, thanks for keeping on this and keeping us up to speed–I’ve been passing on your warnings and info.

  4. dakinikat says:

    Isn’t that Vilsack thing disgusting? I’m glad you’re following this!! Right now, every one is probably digging out from snow! I can’t wait until they get a break and can read this!!

    • Sima says:

      I don’t know why I was surprised. It’s not like Vilsack wasn’t in deep with Monsanto to begin with. But it seemed like he was going to do the right thing, until the big Boss told him no. Very disappointing. I’m so sick of the corruption.

    • jawbone says:

      What dakinikat said. Thanx much for keeping up with this.

      I was thinking exactly what you mentioned: Why in the world would Monsanto do this?

      Bcz they can, and, under a Canadian court ruling, once one gene gets into a farmer’s fields all of the crop belongs to Monsanto.

      So it may be a pissing contest. Against normal and organic farmers and even Mother Nature!!

  5. Sophie says:

    Great update, Sima!

    This line: GM Alfalfa says Pollan, ‘is a bad solution to a problem that doesn’t exist’. reminds me of something Joel Salatin said, “We’ve become amazingly adept at hitting the bullseye of the wrong target.”

    As for Obama, he’s RoundUp Ready. And Michelle doesn’t have real foodie creds. It’s just a gimmick with her.

    • Sima says:

      I said much the same thing about Michelle when my friends were getting all excited about her garden at the White House thing. I thought it just too patronizing. Maybe I’m too critical.