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Again we are treated to self-righteous right wing fuckwads who seem compelled to smother us with their Gawdly “Hand” from beyond….

Far-Right Nutjob Bryan Fischer Knows Why God Let All Those Kids Die at Sandy Hook – The Daily Banter

On Monday, Fischer took to the airwaves to once again prove that there’s seriously no depth to which far-right zealots won’t sink to make a partisan point against their sworn enemies, those godless libs. By now you’re probably well aware that in the collective mind of the conservative fringe, it’s never bad policy, worse action or 10th grade-level science that bears direct responsibility for terrible things happening to good people, it’s simply the wrath of an angry God. It wasn’t nature — or perhaps the crisis of man-made climate change — that brought Katrina to the shores of the Gulf Coast, it was a gay pride event being held in New Orleans around that time. Likewise it wasn’t just 19 fanatics armed with box cutters who brought down the World Trade Center, part of the Pentagon and Flight 93 on 9/11, it was also feminists, abortion doctors and the ACLU. Whenever anything awful happens anywhere in the U.S., you can always count on some indignant dickhead to shriek about how fdf11b289a9fa60b51ffd50e308ddc4dGod had either passively removed his hand of protection from his children or actively bent them over his ethereal knee and smacked the crap out of their behinds.

And so in this latest example of that sort of thing, Fischer on Monday invoked one of the darkest and most tragic events this country has ever seen: the Sandy Hook massacre. According to Fischer, the reason God just stepped aside and let 20 innocent children die at Sandy Hook was that he simply wasn’t inclined to help them out given what a lousy country we’ve become. “An incident like the killing in Sandy Hook, the cold-blooded killing of those children in their first grade classrooms, how does that happen?” Fischer says. “Why does God permit that? Why doesn’t God intervene?” Fischer’s answer: because God is a petty, vindictive prick who needs constant reassurance or he slaughters children. Well, maybe not those exact words, but close enough: “because our sins as a nation have driven God from us,” Fischer says. Think about that for a minute. The god worshiped by ghouls like Bryan Fischer looks on silently while a bunch of six-year-olds cower in terror and are ultimately gunned down, all because the country as a whole deserves to be taught an object lesson about the penalty for defying him.

If you think that’s grotesque and that it strains logic, try this one on for size. Fischer continues, “As we lift our hands in prayer as a nation, what (God) sees is the blood on our hands of the 57 million unborn babies whose lives have been taken through abortion… He can’t hear our prayers over the pleas of the blood of the unborn.” Just for the hell of it, let’s unpack Fischer’s claim here because it speaks to a popular criticism of today’s conservatives: They seem to only care about children before they’re born; once they’re out of the womb, they’re on their own. Apparently their god feels the same way because according to Fischer he’ll kill 20 who’ve managed to make it out into the world just to make a statement about protecting ones who haven’t even been born yet. Killing children to save children — only in the lima bean brain of someone like Bryan Fischer would that ever compute. Also, if God can’t hear our prayers f3b9524b67d844f6aa2f1d89bfeb5c53over the “pleas of the blood of the unborn,” again, doesn’t that mean he’s not really omnipotent? You’d figure his divine hearing would be pretty powerful. If he can’t hear our silent entreaties because they’re being drowned out by fetus blood that as far as we know has no voice whatsoever — I mean, come on.

On that note…the one about “pleas of the blood of the unborn,” this shit with GOP and it’s obsession with Planned Parenthood is getting even more ….I can’t even think of a word descriptive enough to evoke the crazy.

Bobby Jindal terminates Planned Parenthood funding over impossible concerns raised by hoax videos –

Huckabee Says He’ll Use FBI And Federal Troops To Stop Abortions | Crooks and Liars

Huckabee admin would consider constitutional crisis over abortion | MSNBC

GOP senator: I can lecture women on pregnancy because abortion is a ‘men’s issue’

With A Completely Straight Face, Oklahoma Senator Called Abortion A ‘Men’s Issue’ (VIDEO) | If You Only News

Jeb Bush: I misspoke about women’s health funding – BBC News

Jeb Bush backtracks after questioning whether US ‘needs’ $500 million for womens’ health

Douche-Hat has a post up: Ross Douthat-There is No Pro-Life Case For Planned Parenthood – The New York Times

Of course all these videos are super-edited manipulated crap.

‘Planned Parenthood sells dead babies’ is just the latest anti-abortion conspiracy – Voices – The Independent

This week, pro-choice advocates celebrated the defeat of aRepublican-led attempt to defund Planned Parenthood, after aseries of videos that claimed to show staff selling foetal tissue prompted a vote in Congress.

It was a hollow victory, though. The GOP didn’t get the votes, but they did get the majority – even two Democrats voted to withdraw the $528.4 million that makes up 40% of the healthcare provider’s annual funding.


Of course, selling foetal tissue is illegal. However, donating it for stem cell research – and recouping associated cost – is not, and on Monday Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey found Planned Parenthood to be “fully compliant with state and federal laws regarding the disposition of foetal tissue”.


This isn’t a whistleblowing exercise or a Panorama-style documentary exposing wrongdoing. This is a smear campaign pursued with all the obsession of a small child or a serial killer – yet it’s influential enough that Congress launched a full investigation into the claims. When one of the most powerful political bodies in the world can be swayed by a group with so little credibility, how can anyone take it seriously? Jaded politicos might interject at this point to say that no one does.

But of course, this was never really about ‘dead babies’. It’s about vilifying an organisation that provides affordable healthcare to women – contraception, cervical cancer screenings, breast exams and, yes, abortions.

Abortions, which take up just 3% of Planned Parenthood spending, none of which is federal. But presidential hopeful Rand Paul vowed to use ”all legislative vehicles at his disposal“ to force a vote, while Ted Cruz pledged to “eliminate” its state funding.

This explains why so many senators seem able to overlook the screaming irony that family planning services prevent abortions, and that more restrictive abortion policy laws aren’t associated with lower abortion rates.

But when has evidence mattered? Not in the past, and as the latest vote shows, not now.

It was only ever about ideology. It’s about restricting women’s right to choose what to do with their bodies, and it’s about winning presidential primaries. And with the election circus in sight, there’s more of this to come.

a0eeac3f919bffd03fb5a6fcd27e0f2dDouche-Hat has a post up: Ross Douthat-There is No Pro-Life Case For Planned Parenthood – The New York Times

I will not bother to quote his reasoning. But for those who want to read his way of thinking, go ahead.

There are some articles that show sanity in all this:

Fifth Planned Parenthood undercover video released by anti-abortion group | US news | The Guardian

Center for Medical Progress has come under fire for misrepresenting itself,potentially deceiving the IRS and being affiliated with an anti-abortion activist that harassed providers in Wichita, Kansas for years before the murder of Dr George Tiller. Two California courts, one a local court and one federal court, have enjoined the release of footage based on pending lawsuits and the potentially illegal activities of CMP.

64aa9f121bf30f3f7cdbf734e70c9ce4Still, that hasn’t stopped some politicians from latching onto the videos as a reason to defund Planned Parenthood.

How Planned Parenthood actually uses its federal funding – The Washington Post

But, it’s important to note that federal dollars are not used to provide the service at the center of the political debate around Planned Parenthood: abortions. That’s been banned by law in almost all cases since 1976. (The details of the ban have shifted over time.) Instead, the organization uses money from other sources — private donors and foundations as well as fees — to fund its abortion services.

All told, abortions comprise about 3 percent of all the services Planned Parenthood provides, according to the organization’s own data. (In 2011, also examined this question and found the organization’s reports to be accurate) The rest of the organization’s revenue, including government dollars, are used to fund services in a way that breaks down like this:

So, while it’s true that the Planned Parenthood’s political opponents would quite likely strike a major blow to the organization if it was stripped of all federal dollars, it’s far less likely that such a change would significantly reduce the number of abortions the agency’s doctors perform each year or how those procedures contribute to the total number of pregnancies terminated in the United States.

7213fdb9d291da4b3ac12965dbda7a26But try to tell the nut jobs these statistics and facts and they do not listen.

If you do find yourself stuck in a never-ending conversation with a stupid ass however:

6 Things to Say to Your Conservative Relatives Who Buy Into Anti-Planned Parenthood Propaganda | Alternet

How to Really Defend Planned Parenthood | RealClearPolitics

WHY does the pro-choice movement so often find itself in a defensive crouch?

 I cringed as I watched Planned Parenthood’s president, Cecile Richards, apologize in a YouTube video last month for the lack of “compassion” in two doctors’ language at supposed business lunches arranged and secretly recorded by the anti-abortion Center for Medical Progress.
Read Full Article »

Elizabeth Warren is the badass America needs: Why her amazing Planned Parenthood speech proves how important she is –

d8ac3a7df2174890a3791773a2892da3Next up, an op ed on Calling attack on reproductive rights a ‘women’s issue’ devalues its importance – Central Maine

Every day, we are treated to one Republican presidential candidate or another declaring their opposition women’s reproductive rights. Is this not the 21st century?

Oddly, they find no contradiction between advocating for government control in this area, while remaining firmly opposed to making sure the chemicals in food, clothing and beauty products are safe for pregnant women to eat, wear or use on their bodies. Why isn’t making sure the development of that fetus is protected from environmental assault just as important to them? That contradiction is where it becomes plain that theirs is a war on women’s control of their bodies.

Unfortunately for the country as a whole, denying women the right to control their fertility results in an unequal playing field in the economic arena. It’s not an issue of right or wrong. Well it is, but it’s also an issue of success or failure, as Obama points out in his speech. “Any nation that doesn’t maximize the potential of women and girls is doomed to fall behind in the global economy.”

d84348b86c69abc55a326d0f53a17924Here’s my question to those who are so intent on controlling our bodies, denying us an equal workplace playing field, and who at the same time are hoping the country can remain an economic powerhouse: What sports team would take a field with only half its team? As the president pointed out in his speech, “That makes no sense.” Why voluntarily limit the team’s potential? But that is what we are doing and worse. We are calling this attack on reproductive rights a “women’s issue,” which is designed to devalue its importance in the political arena.

How did we get to politicians’ religious beliefs becoming the foundation of their political beliefs which need to be imposed on the rest of us? The right wing of the Republican Party would have you believe that foundation has always been there. However, the Rev. Isaac Backus , the most prominent Evangelical Baptist minister in New England, observed in 1773 that when “church and state are separate, the effects are happy, and they do not at all interfere with each other: but where they have been confounded together, no tongue nor pen can fully describe the mischiefs that have ensued.”

Those who are so sure that we should all be reading the Constitution and holding our elected officials to its tenants seem to ignore the fact that the word “God” is nowhere to be found in that document. No reference to Christianity or the Trinity. No reference to the country being Christian. The lack of those references, actually has given us more religious freedom than any country in the world.

What the lack of a reference to God means is that Christians, or any other religious groups, have the right to practice their religion but they don’t have the right to make the government enforce their beliefs on others. At least that was true until late in the last century, when the Republican Party decided it needed the support of the evangelical right to win elections.

96eb35617c465678b86dc68660698b72In truth, the evangelical position on the separation of church and state stands the early evangelical position of Rev. Backus on the separation of church and state on its head. History and facts clearly confuse some people.

In any case, we are in the 21st century. Why not support free access to contraception and education to prevent abortion in the first place unless their goal is to control women? Sorry, guys. The men lose all around. Worse, so does the country.

And this: Abortion, “privacy,” and those Planned Parenthood videos | Historiann

Abortion is death, but all honest people will aver that human deaths are not created equal.  Even when a death is judged criminal rather than natural or accidental, we don’t call for the same punishments for those who kill.  Someone who kills in self-defense may escape all jeopardy, whereas others who kill out of malice or extreme carelessness will have their actions weighed carefully by a jury and a judge in order to assess the correct penalty.

The fact of the matter is that none but an insane fringe of “pro-lifers” truly believe that abortion is “murder,” because most are against throwing women in jail or putting them on death row for capital murder for procuring an abortion.  They always want to criminalize the providers, not the users of abortion services, when it would only make sense if they truly believed that abortion is “murder” that they go after the necessary co-conspiritor.  But most of them know people who have had abortions.  Most of them know that it’s not just careless liberal feminist sluts like you and me who get abortions–it’s their wives, their daughters, their sisters, and even themselves, if they’d be honest about it.

bedfaf41ada6de8fb36a3498ecb9b86dOthers before Pollitt have compared the erosion of abortion rights to the surprise insurgence of support for gay rights (and for marriage equality in particular), and have suggested that the gay rights movement’s decision to go for visibility–going back at least twenty-five years to the ACT-UP movement–was the superior strategy, as opposed to the abortion rights movement’s embrace of “privacy,” and therefore a form of invisibility.  (Jill Lepore had an excellent article in the New Yorker a few months ago that lays out this case with respect to the legal strategies, “To Have and To Hold.”)

I agree in the main with this argument–that visibility is better than privacy as a strategy–but one thing that most observers have missed is that gay rights–as opposed to abortion rights–is seen as at least halfway a men’s rights movement, whereas abortion rights is seen as a women’s rights movement only, and men’s rights movements are historically more popular and more successful in the long run as social justice movements.  Men’s rights movements are about human rights, whereas women’s rights are just special pleading, don’t you know.

Now, I don’t think that the right is so forgiving of the women who get the abortions. Why else would they be so intent on convicting women for miscarriages as murder? Or treating a period as attempted murder? (Remember those conception bills that put the date “life” begins before a missed period?)

Here is a few other links, quick like:

Addicting Info – Jeb Bush’s Grandfather Was A Founding Member Of Today’s Planned Parenthood

a69bd6d51976e02be1a09f683b180640Oh the irony!

Morning Reads: Obama on Nukes, Jeb on Women’s Health, Super PACs in the Shadows |

Going to be a LONGGGGG 16 months –> Well, now we know who’s on the big boy bus and who has to ride in the kiddie car for the first of many Republican presidential debates Thursday night. While you wait for the overwhelming excitement to begin, read Kira Lerner’s “11 Things You’ll Probably Hear During The First GOP Debate That Are Totally False” atThinkProgressALSO: Katrina vanden Heuvel on “Questions this GOP debate demands.” AND: At Every Voice, Adam Smith has some important questions for the hopefuls about money and politics.

Planned Parenthood Is More Popular Than Any Presidential Candidate

How Likely are the GOP Presidential Candidates Top 10 to drag us into War? | Informed Comment



These next links are interesting as hell:

‘I’ve put the ricotta aside for you’ – police crack mafia’s sheep-farming code | World news | The Guardian

Mafia boss Matteo Denaro’s henchmen ‘used sheep code’ – BBC News

Why Is It So Hard for Wrongfully Convicted Women to Get Justice? | Mother Jones

Barnacles Could Help Find Missing Malaysia Airlines MH370: Here’s How : SCIENCE : Tech Times


A Feminist Pig on Her Own: Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog Consciously Uncouple | The Mary Sue


This last link is for Dak, Walker Percy’s Theory of Hurricanes – The New York Times

Walker Percy had a theory about hurricanes. “Though science taught that good environments were better than bad environments, it appeared to him that the opposite was the case,” he wrote of Will Barrett, the semi-autobiographical title character of his second novel, “The Last Gentleman.” “Take hurricanes, for example, certainly a bad environment if ever there was one. It was his impression that not just he but other people felt better in hurricanes.”

Percy was a medical doctor who didn’t practice and a Catholic who did, which equipped him to embark on a search for how we mortals fit into the cosmos. Our reaction to hurricanes was a clue, he believed, which is why leading up to the 10th anniversary of Katrina, it’s worth taking note not only of his classic first novel, “The Moviegoer,” but also of his theory of hurricanes as developed in “The Last Gentleman,” “Lancelot” and some of his essays.

There is some discussion on the novels,

Percy’s diagnosis was that when we are mired in the everydayness of ordinary life, we are susceptible to what he called “the malaise,” a free-floating despair associated with the feeling that you’re not a part of the world or connected to the people in it. You are alienated, detached. As Percy put it in “The Moviegoer,” “The malaise has settled like a fallout and what people really fear is not that the bomb will fall but that the bomb will not fall.” The heroes of his books, each in his own way, embark on a search for the cause and cure of this syndrome. “What is the nature of the search?” wonders Binx Bolling, the narrator of “The Moviegoer.” “The search is what anyone would undertake if he were not sunk in the everydayness of his own life.”

A real-world crisis can provide a respite from the malaise. Binx first became aware of the possibility of overcoming alienation when he was wounded during the Korean War. “I vowed that if I ever got out of this fix, I would pursue the search,” he recalls. “What are generally considered to be the best of times are for me the worst times, and that worst of times was one of the best.” He is reminded of this when he has the good fortune to get into a minor accident when driving with a girlfriend on the Gulf Coast. “How, you might wonder, can even a minor accident be considered good luck? Because it provides a means of winning out over the malaise.”

That’s what makes hurricanes therapeutic. “Why is a man apt to feel bad in a good environment, say suburban Short Hills, N.J., on an ordinary Wednesday afternoon?” Percy wrote in one of his essays. “Why is the same man apt to feel good in a very bad environment, say an old hotel on Key Largo during a hurricane?” Part of the answer is that when a hurricane is about to hit, we no longer feel uncertain about our role in the world. Everyone is focused, connected, engaged. We know what we’re supposed to do, and we do it.

But Percy’s theory about the redemptive power of hurricanes goes beyond the fact that dangerous situations allow us to become action heroes or saints. “True, people help each other in catastrophes,” he wrote in “Lancelot.” “But they don’t feel good because they help each other. They help each other because they feel good.” The hurricane blows away our alienation. “I knew a married couple once who were bored with life, disliked each other, hated their own lives, and were generally miserable — except during hurricanes,” Lancelot recounts. “Then they sat in their house at Pass Christian, put a bottle of whiskey between them, felt a surge of happiness, were able to speak frankly and cheerfully to each other, laugh and joke, drink, even make love.”

The problem with storms is that they pass. After the winds subside and the earth begins to heal, the malaise and alienation creep back. The last time I saw Walker Percy, he made that point. He was fighting prostate cancer, but he faced his end with the inner calm of the deeply faithful. As he sat on his dock, his face was as placid as the Bogue Falaya, rippled occasionally by a smile. He reminded me of what had happened with the couple in Lancelot. “After the hurricane they took a good hard look at each other on a sunny Monday morning and got a divorce.”

But I think that Hurricane Katrina, which struck 15 years after Percy died, was an exception to the second part of his theory. It jolted New Orleans so brutally that even a decade after the waters receded, the malaise has not crept back in. Instead, the memory of Katrina and the excitement of having to rebuild something better continues to keep people in New Orleans engaged and connected. There’s an edgy creativity that comes from the shared aftertaste of danger, a sense of community that comes from knowing you’re in the same boat.

c2e5c8222333e40386f43b43c665cd03Read that article in full so you can see what I see and take note of the last paragraph…

The city is still “charged up with value,” to use Percy’s phrase, and remains a mecca for creative and purpose-driven young people from around the country seeking to avoid the malaise and everydayness of ordinary life. A new type of school system is flourishing based on autonomy for innovative school leaders and choice for parents. A start-up culture thrives, and a celebration known as New Orleans Entrepreneur Week has carved a position alongside Mardi Gras and Jazz Festival on the cultural calendar. This year attendance doubled to more than 10,000 registrants.

So my question to Kat is…is the city still charged up? And what is this shit about a new school system?

Have a pleasant day, and enjoy the pulp covers!

Friday Nite Lite: Not long enough…

Hey Y’all

It has been a hell of a time of late.

I still can’t get over how creepy the dynamic of some families can be when it comes to anything resembling emotional connections….or even regular contact. Creepy is not right, disturbing is actually more like it.

Anyway. Here are some funnies to get you through the night.



07/31/2015 Cartoon by Jimmy Margulies

Cartoon by Jimmy Margulies -

07/31/2015 Cartoon by Signe Wilkinson

Cartoon by Signe Wilkinson -

Bruce Plante Cartoon: Highway Roadkill: 07/31/2015 Cartoon by Bruce Plante

Cartoon by Bruce Plante - Bruce Plante Cartoon: Highway Roadkill

07/31/2015 Cartoon by MStreeter

Cartoon by MStreeter -

Trophy Hunter: 07/31/2015 Cartoon by Rob Rogers

Cartoon by Rob Rogers - Trophy Hunter

07/31/2015 Cartoon by Joe Heller

Cartoon by Joe Heller -

07/29/2015 Cartoon by Joe Heller

Cartoon by Joe Heller -

This is an open thread.

Wednesday’s Red Menace: Open Thread


Trump’s hair making a statement about foreigners…particularly his version i.e. the Mexican rapist variety…as in to say, “stay the fuck out of Merica.”


There is a new study out, that states people who have been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes early on, have a higher chance of dementia when they reach middle age. Personally I think they should also do a study on the parents of said children who have been diagnosed. (Especially if those children are teen children.)

I think I am going berserk, so excuse the link/open thread today. Just like Jerry in the clip below, the red menace is burning my brain. I’m on no sleep and buddy I am stressed out.



My red menace is a kid named Jake, who drives a red Kia.

The other red menace of late is Trump…although, I think he is playing the part of detractor extraordinaire perfectly.

So the pictures you see today are various images of Trump’s magnificent and “lively” coiffure.

‘Our First Openly Asshole President’: Stewart Returns from Break to Shred Trump | Mediaite

Trump's hair giving examples of how grand his living room is.

Trump’s hair giving examples of how grand his living room is.

‘Advice for Future President Trump?’ Stewart Talks with Obama for One Last Time | Mediaite



Trump’s hair showing by raised hands, who is the biggest nut case….oh, I mean….who has the biggest nut sack in the press room during his “fuck John McCain” interview.


The latest news on Sandra Bland:

Sandra Bland Death: Texas to Look Into Alleged Edits of Dashcam Video – NBC News

If you missed the other big news from yesterday on this issue…

New Video Shows Aggressive Arrest of Sandra Bland Prior to Her Death in a Texas Jail | Mother Jones

Fox is reporting: Navy officer, Marine reportedly returned fire at Chattanooga gunman | Fox News

And, this is going on: Lawsuit says Lauderdale sheriff denied inmate access to abortion |

LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. – Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton is facing a federal lawsuit accusing him of denying a woman’s civil rights, specifically, her right to an abortion.

The suit names Singleton as the defendant in his official capacity as Sheriff of Lauderdale County. The lawsuit was filed in district court Monday by attorneys for a woman who is an inmate in the Lauderdale County Jail.

Her attorneys claims the sheriff is violating her civil rights and is asking a court to step in so she can get an abortion.

Attorneys for the woman, identified only as “Jane Doe,” filed the complaint claiming Sheriff Singleton is violating her rights to get an abortion and allowing cruel and unusual punishment.

Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton

The lawsuit states Jane Doe knew she was pregnant before she was incarcerated and she tried to get an abortion before she was locked up. She’s reportedly in her first trimester.

The suit also claims the sheriff has denied her request for a medical furlough or supervised release to abort the fetus. Instead, he directed her to seek a court order since her situation is not a medical emergency.

Take a look at that dud, oops….dude. (Sheriff.)


The suit goes on to claim that by preventing Jane Doe from getting medical services to terminate her pregnancy, her constitutional rights are being denied.

Trump hair when he goes to a AARP event, and he has to work the crowd.

Trump hair when he goes to a AARP event, and he has to work the crowd.

Attorneys are asking for an emergency injunction asking that the sheriff be ordered to immediately grant the woman’s request for counseling and the abortion.

Jane Doe is being represented by a Florence attorney and two lawyers with the ACLU foundation, one in Montgomery, the other in New York.

We’ll stay on top of the story and let you know what the court decides.

Even though time could be an important factor in this case, there’s no word on how long it could take for a judge to rule.

Sad situation, but then there are a lot of things being chipped away from Women’s rights the last few days/weeks.

Silhouette of Trump's hair in the glow of NYC he plans his next ambush.

Silhouette of Trump’s hair in the glow of NYC lights….as he plans his next ambush.

But y’all realize, with the narrative being hijacked by a man walking around with a red squirrel on top of head…people are not seeing what is really going on.

This is an open thread.

Trump Hair Gallery below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some of those pictures have captions written on them. Not all of them because I am just too damn tired and stressed out to do an more…

Good night all. By good, night I mean, good morning.

Sunday Reads : Trump too far….

Good Afternoon

Yeah well, a good thing can only go so far…am I right? /snark

Donald Trump says John McCain ‘not a war hero’; Republican rivals denounce him – LA Times

Donald Trump, whose bombastic statements have shot him to the top of Republican presidential primary polls, mocked Sen. John McCain’s war record as a POW in Vietnam on Saturday, crossing a line that triggered condemnations from previously quiet GOP leaders and rivals.

They used their strongest terms to date — calling Trump’s comments “slanderous,” declaring him unfit for office, and asserting that the Republican Party has no tolerance for disparaging statements about combat veterans.

The question now is whether Trump, who saw his campaign take off after broadly denouncing Mexicans who cross the border illegally as rapists and drug dealers, will remain popular with segments of the GOP base who revere military service, prisoners of war and the 2008 presidential nominee’s connection to both.

I think the answer to that question can be found in the comment section of the next link…Donald Trump Says He Does Not Owe John McCain Apology – ABC News

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said he does not owe John McCain an apology for saying the Arizona senator is only a war hero “because he was captured.”

Trump told Martha Raddatz on ABC’s “This Week” that he won’t be pulling out of the presidential race over his comments, which he made Saturday during a campaign event in Iowa. Trump said he left to a “standing ovation” after speaking at the Family Leadership Council summit.

“When I left the room, it was a total standing ovation,” said Trump. “It was wonderful to see. Nobody was insulted.”

Damn, Jon Stewart has a gold mine here for his final week.

When speaking about McCain on Saturday, Trump said he likes “people who weren’t captured.” He didn’t back down when asked about the comment.

“People that fought hard and weren’t captured and went through a lot, they get no credit,” he said. “Nobody even talks about them. They’re like forgotten, and I think that’s a shame, if you want to know the truth.”

Before Trump’s comments Saturday, McCain had said the real estate mogul was firing up “crazies.” Trump had already found himself embroiled in controversy over comments he made last month regarding Mexican immigrants.

Raddatz asked Trump if McCain’s capture in Vietnam — where he spent five years as a prisoner of war and was beaten and tortured by the North Vietnamese — described a war hero. He reiterated what his campaign said following his comments Saturday — that he was disappointed in the Arizona senator because of how veterans are treated in the U.S.

“I’m very disappointed in John McCain because the vets are horribly treated in this country,” said Trump. “I’m fighting for the vets. I’ve done a lot for the vets.”

Trump said veterans were treated like “third-class citizens,” adding that McCain has “done nothing to help the vets.”

Trump didn’t serve in the Vietnam War after receiving four student deferments and an additional medical deferment after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School in 1968. He said he would have “proudly served” but wasn’t drafted because of his high lottery number.

“If I would have gotten a low number, I would have been drafted. I would have proudly served,” he said. “But I got a number, I think it was 356. That’s right at the very end. And they didn’t get — I don’t believe — past even 300, so I was — I was not chosen because of the fact that I had a very high lottery number.”

Asked if he would continue his pattern of “name-calling, using terms like ‘dummy,’ ‘loser,’ ‘total losers’ on Twitter and elsewhere” when he’s “criticized or attacked” if he was elected president, Trump told Raddatz he only gives it back to people who attack him.

“When people attack me, I let them have it back,” he said. “People are constantly attacking my hair. I don’t see you coming to my defense.”

If you go to the link, you will see a shitload of “crazies” coming to Trumps defense, most of them in a completely fucked up fantastic sort of way.

And speaking about fucked up…Cosby depositions have become public:

What We Learned From the Newly Revealed Cosby Deposition | TIME

Bill Cosby Deposition Released: Admits Affairs and Giving Women Drugs :

Bill Cosby Deposition Reveals Callous Pursuit Of Women | Vanity Fair

On Saturday, The New York Timespublished a detailed account of Cosby’s testimony based on the transcript of the deposition, which had been publicly available, but tucked away. TheTimes says that in the deposition, Cosby “comes across as alternately annoyed, mocking, occasionally charming and sometimes boastful, often blithely describing sexual encounters in graphic detail.” It’s a sharp contrast to his sitcom-sharpened image of fatherly charm.

The testimony was recorded as part of a lawsuit filed in 2005 against the actor and comedian by a woman, Andrea Constand, who worked at Temple University as a basketball manager, who made what is now a familiar claim—that Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her. While dozens of women have now come forward with similar stories, at the time, Constand was the only one to file suit against Cosby.

New York Times reporters Graham Bowley and Sydney Ember describe Cosby’s demeanor in the depositions as an “unapologetic, cavalier playboy” and as “someone who used a combination of fame, apparent concern and powerful sedatives in a calculated pursuit of young women” with “casual indifference.”

I think it is safe to say he sees the victims of his rapes not as young women…or humans at all. Like any serial rapist, the man does not care what happens to the women, his “casual indifference” is typical of the criminal psychology innit?

This month, Constand’s lawyer and the A.P. asked the court to lift the confidentiality clause so her client would be free to release the nearly 1,000-page deposition transcript, according to the Times. U.S. District Judge Eduardo Robreno unsealed a portion of Cosby’s deposition, ruling that “the stark contrast between Bill Cosby, the public moralist and Bill Cosby, the subject of serious allegations concerning improper (and perhaps criminal) conduct is a matter as to which the A.P.—and by extension the public—has a significant interest.”

But indifference is not limited to rapist alone….leaders of countries can show indifference to whole nations.

When did European politics lose its sense of empathy? – Comment – Voices – The Independent

When did European politics lose its sense of empathy    Comment   Voices   The Independent



Riots are breaking out in Athens and forest fires burn around the Greek capital as the anger of the people spills over. The country’s creditors have confirmed they will insist on even harsher austerity measures, despite a no vote in a national referendum on exactly that proposal.

Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, and Wolfgang Schäuble, her Finance Minister, remained firm, in spite of a warning from the International Monetary Fund that, without substantial debt relief, any new bailout would fail. The message is clear: we don’t care about the wishes of your people, nor do we care about their suffering. Democratic process means nothing; obey the creditors, or we’ll take a wrecking ball to your economy.

Greek upset over the harsh terms attached to Europe’s latest financial deal isn’t merely a question of a belligerent refusal to pay. Living standards have plummeted in Greece, with alarming results. Heart attacks are rising among young people, youth unemployment has reaching staggering rates and hospitals and pharmacies struggling to treat and prescribe for life-threatening conditions. Signs in chemists list medicines that are out of stock – not obscure medications, but insulin, heart medication, thyroid tablets.

Just a fortnight ago in Britain, a short video of Ken Livingstone’s speech in the wake of the London 7/7 bombings circulated on the 10th anniversary of the event. The clip from the former mayor, like many famous political speeches, speaks of community, resilience in the face of tragedy, and the importance of sympathy and empathy.

A decade on, empathy is an unfashionable political emotion, and the effects of that cultural change are being felt across Europe.

Read the rest of that piece. It points out some obvious things…

Last week, the Home Office announced cuts to the subsistence payments given to Britain’s 27,800 destitute asylum-seekers. A single parent with one child seeking asylum in Britain will now receive £73.90 a week, rather than the £96.90 previously paid, because, the Home Office says, that is “significantly more cash than is necessary” to feed, clothe and nurture an adult and child in one of the most expensive countries in Europe.

Meanwhile the Children’s Society warns that an increasing number of vulnerable children are being forced to represent themselves at immigration tribunals, due to the removal of legal aid for such cases under the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012.

If you fall sick in Britain, your luck may run out, too: David Cameron and Iain Duncan Smith are considering forcing workers to “save up” for their own sick pay and periods of unemployment – an idea borrowed from that bastion of workers’ rights, Singapore. Most people save up for a rainy day, if they’re able to. It’s not a surprise that a washing machine doesn’t last for ever. But saving up to replace a social safety net stripped away is another matter, and ignores the fact that the people least able to save are the people most likely to be sick – those in menial jobs, with poor working conditions and caring responsibilities, the already disabled.

The policies knocked out by governments at home and in the eurozone share a common approach: they fit an ideological mission statement and ignore a human cost.

More on Merkle:

Merkel Rules Out Greek Debt Write-Off, But Open To Other Relief

The rest of today’s links are here, in a dump. My Bebe came back from Panama City Beach today…so I am running even later than usual.

The worst place for bacteria at the beach – CBS News

Congress to examine FBI handling of Tennessee shooter | Reuters

Women inmates suffer agonizing deaths |

A black transgender woman is in jail because police were called on her for being transgender

House GOP Files Bill That Allows Employers To Fire Single Pregnant Women |

The Texas county where Sandra Bland died: there’s ‘racism from cradle to grave’ | US news | The Guardian

Prosecutor investigating Sandra Bland’s death has troubling history of racial bias — just like the sheriff

Planned Parenthood ‘sting’ video: the abortion debate’s latest battleground | US news | The Guardian

Street Artist Revamps Abandoned Buildings With Creepy Baroque Imagery

Archaeologists find Assyrian tablets in Turkey, some about women’s rights – Al Arabiya News

New dinosaur find shows a ‘feathered poodle from hell’ |

This is an open thread…


Sunday Reads: It is good to laugh.

24df9318711830327428a2cd653beceaGood Afternoon

This past week has become a blur to me. Not sure if it is the extreme heat, or the added depression from missing my family…especially my Uncle Johnny D, who I realized is an anti-depressant pill personified. I think it is because we laugh so damn much when we are together.

And it is not that what we laugh at is always funny, on many levels it is sad and terribly pathetic. I don’t know, we do this thing…we laugh, and it feels good. I forgot what it was like to laugh like that…and since he left a couple of days ago…it has hit me hard.

Seven years since we saw each other. And see, the thing is, we picked up where we left off. It is not something you can do over the phone. We need to be next to each other. There is an energy between us.

So. I am in a deep funk. I spent all day Friday thinking it was Thursday…and when I realized my error, I was too indifferent and exhausted mentally to give a fuck. Anyway, what I am saying is this: Here is the cartoon post I should have done on Friday. (But I didn’t do, because I am a selfish depressed shit.)

Bill Cosby Admission – Truthdig

The Donald – Truthdig

Clay Bennett: Bill Cosby – Clay Bennett – Truthdig

Nick Anderson: Texas Textbooks – Nick Anderson – Truthdig

Clay Bennett: The Duke’s Hazard – Clay Bennett – Truthdig

I think that taking this show of the air was ridiculous….leave the shitty shows on the air dammit.

Leave the monuments too….that is an important teaching tool.

Y’all know where I stand, Dak has made repeated post about this….I’d write something more on this but I refer to the top of the thread where I say I am too deep in funk to give a shit.

Nick Anderson: The Comb Over – Nick Anderson – Truthdig



On to the cartoons from Cagle:

This is a damn good one: Freedom Bakery Tall by Political Cartoonist Daryl Cagle

Peace by Political Cartoonist Pavel Constantin

Srebrenica 20 years safe haven by Political Cartoonist Tom Janssen

United Airlines computers by Political Cartoonist Dave Granlund

Trump piñata by Political Cartoonist John Cole

Flag History by Political Cartoonist Steve Sack

Cosby by Political Cartoonist Milt Priggee

And now, from the Association of American Cartoonist:


Heritage Collection: 07/10/2015 Cartoon by Rob Rogers

Cartoon by Rob Rogers - Heritage  Collection

Bill Cosby Unraveled: 07/10/2015 Cartoon by J.D. Crowe

Cartoon by J.D. Crowe - Bill Cosby Unraveled


07/10/2015 Cartoon by Signe Wilkinson

Cartoon by Signe Wilkinson -


07/10/2015 Cartoon by David Horsey

Cartoon by David Horsey -

07/07/2015 Cartoon by David Horsey

Cartoon by David Horsey -

06/29/2015 Cartoon by David Horsey

Cartoon by David Horsey -

07/10/2015 Cartoon by Charlie Daniel

Cartoon by Charlie Daniel -


07/11/2015 Cartoon by Joe Heller

Cartoon by Joe Heller -


07/11/2015 Cartoon by John R. Rose

Cartoon by John R. Rose -


07/11/2015 Cartoon by Bob Englehart

Cartoon by Bob Englehart -

This next one is very on point:

Over reach: 07/11/2015 Cartoon by Ed Hall

Cartoon by Ed Hall - Over reach

Law of Averages: 07/08/2015 Cartoon by Ed Hall

Cartoon by Ed Hall - Law of Averages

Poisoned: 06/25/2015 Cartoon by Ed Hall

Cartoon by Ed Hall - Poisoned

Bruce Plante Cartoon: Bill Cosby: 07/11/2015 Cartoon by Bruce Plante

Cartoon by Bruce Plante - Bruce Plante Cartoon: Bill Cosby

07/11/2015 Cartoon by MStreeter

Cartoon by MStreeter -


07/11/2015 Cartoon by Phil Hands

Cartoon by Phil Hands -

07/12/2015 Cartoon by Jimmy Margulies

Cartoon by Jimmy Margulies -

07/12/2015 Cartoon by John Cole

Cartoon by John Cole -

07/12/2015 Cartoon by Ed Gamble

Cartoon by Ed Gamble -

Old Glory: 07/12/2015 Cartoon by Rob Rogers

Cartoon by Rob Rogers - Old Glory



HAIRBALL !!!!!: 07/08/2015 Cartoon by Deb Milbrath

Cartoon by Deb Milbrath - HAIRBALL !!!!!


This is an open thread…

Wednesday Reads!


Good afternoon 

I’ve just taken some migraine medicine, and when it kicks in I will post a real news reads thread. For now….here is an open thread to get the day started.

I will start you off:
Augusta woman attacks mom, boyfriend for refusing sex:

Tabathia Lee Grooms, 35, told deputies with the Richmond County Sheriff’s Department that she was angry because her boyfriend had refused to have sex with her earlier in the day.
According to the incident report, the boyfriend told deputies that Grooms came home from a night of drinking around 11:30 p.m. and attacked him while he was sitting on the couch stating she had sex with everyone else because he would not have sex with her.  
The boyfriend said Grooms then proceeded to scratch his face, head and neck before biting his arm.
Grooms mother also told investigators that when she came out of her room to see what was going on, her daughter punched her in the eye. She said she then snuck out of the house to get away from Grooms.
The boyfriend told deputies he then escaped to the bathroom and called 9-1-1.
When investigators arrived they claimed Grooms refused to give them her name and even threatened to run them over with a baby stroller. She was arrested and charged with two counts of battery.

You take it from there….

Sunday Reads: Summer, is on.

7f22e3beac540720738da4da351b6ee7Good Afternoon

The images today are from artist and illustrator Aurelie Guillerey . They are images I found on Pinterest, there is something about them…well, you will see. Take the picture next to us here.


Just a thought, but is that a crack pipe on the table? Wait…is that table and the chair behind it mushrooms? I think there is also a infographic on the wall of what a liver looks like in cirrhosis. Whoa, is the doctor is giving that stoned dude some medical grade marijuana….and those little yellow pills…is that a whole bottle of “Mama’s little helpers?”

Well, I’ve been binge watching Arrested Development the last two days. My eyes are red and barely open.

So with that in mind, here are your links for today.

I have no words: Maine man tries to launch fireworks off top of his head, dies instantly

Devon Staples (Facebook)

A Maine man died over the holiday weekend when fireworks he was trying to launch off of his head exploded.

The Bangor Daily Newsreported that 22-year-old Devon Staples was drinking with friends to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday when the accident occurred.

Maine Department of Public Safety spokesperson Stephen McCausland said that Staples placed a mortar tube on his head at around 10 p.m. and set it off. Staples was reportedly killed instantly from a fatal head injury caused by the explosion.

Staples Facebook page identified his profession as self-employed “Dog Trainer, Dog walker, Dog Sitter, Dog Lover, Doggy Daycare.”

Man Dies After Launching a Firework Off His Head — NYMag

Last night in Maine, a young man died instantly when the firework mortar he was trying to launch from his head exploded, according to the Associated Press. Maine officials report that the man, 22-year-old Devon Staples, had been drinking while celebrating the Fourth of July in a friend’s back yard. It was the first fireworks-related fatality in the state since lawmakers re-legalized fireworks there in 2012. Asreported by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 10,500 people were injured by fireworks last year, and at least 11 died from their injuries. The commission points out that “most injuries were associated with misuse or malfunctions of fireworks”:

1f78d9a525f21cfd1f1876701a3f560dThe rest of today’s links in dump fashion, as that is the only way I can proceed after a story like that.

Activist linked to Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul calls for death to gays and their Christian supporters

Clinton Campaign Frustrates Journalists Yet Again By Roping Off Media At Parade


And the HotAir response: Texas wants to bring home all its gold « Hot Air

Eight Must-Read Stories From the Human Rights Reports | DipNote

Every morning I pass a wonderful quote from Eleanor Roosevelt on the wall outside my office: “The battle for the individual rights of women is one of long standing, and none of us should countenance anything which undermines it.”

3d868014fd3e150fdb547418e128a4ebWith the release of the State Department’s annual human rights reports, Roosevelt’s words seem as relevant as ever. The reports show that we have a long way to go before the human rights of women and girls everywhere are protected. More voices are needed to stand up and declare that atrocities committed against girls and women — indeed, against anyone — cannot be tolerated. –

The ugly war on gay rights: When “religious freedom” becomes “freedom from laws” –

Researcher unravels century-old woolly tale to find truth behind massive bones

The Brains of the Buddhists – The Atlantic

73e9c8e5863e673bf56793b10fd1c413Nikki Haley: ‘I could not look my kids in the face and justify that flag’ | US news | The Guardian

This is interesting as hell and it is about Shiloh: Why Some Civil War Soldiers Glowed in the Dark | Mental Floss

When America’s Librarians Went To War : NPR History Dept. : NPR

Jeff Koons: ‘People respond to banal things – they don’t accept their own history’ | Art and design | The Guardian

Keep dancing: the ballet stars leaping through the age barrier | Stage | The Guardian

The New Horizons Pluto Probe Detected an Anomaly, Slips Into Safe Mode | The Mary Sue

c9f7c00056390d5b4b72625fed6ff0de‘It is like being inside a migraine’ – the first visitor to Grayson Perry’s House for Essex reveals all | Art and design | The Guardian

The raging hypocrisy at the center of the Christian right’s persecution complex –

The Real History of the Confederate Flag – Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money

Glad we’ve cleared that up.

Go see that link…it is a cartoon…and it is good.

Why forgiveness from black victims isn’t noble when anger is justified | theGrio

da8d538036d477c75d3391a40a140c55New Jersey boy reels in giant 600-pound sturgeon (VIDEO) – NY Daily News

Leaping Sturgeon Kills 5-Year-Old Florida Girl Boating With Family – NBC News

Greek referendum: live results | World news | The Guardian

Greece referendum: Germany hits back at Greek ‘terrorism’ claims as voting draws to a close – Business News – Business – The Independent

What 100 years of American gender equality looks like – Americas – World – The Independent

KKK holding Labor Day cross burning, have asked supporters to bring their children | theGrio

Eschaton: What’s It All About Then

5589901043ba0f21f642c6a676444b7aWhy Do We Get Tip-of-the-Tongue Syndrome? | Mental Floss

Hillary Clinton weighed in on a heartbreaking viral Facebook photo – Business Insider

And this:

Hillary Clinton’s Emails Show She’s Basically Julia Louis-Dreyfus in “Veep” | Mother Jones

95fb0ec0d012d026ef8aacae6ab31c44The emails depict Clinton consistently engaged in consequential, deliberative, and thoughtful diplomacy on in-the-news controversies and quieter fronts. When she gave a speech in Guatemala, she mentioned the name of a Guatemalan activist because she was told, as she put it in an email, that doing so “might literally save her life.” She and her aides oversaw an effort to pressure the Uganda president to weaken a proposed bill that would criminalize homosexual activity and subject gays and lesbians to the death penalty. (The president told the US ambassador he would work with legislators to revise the measure—a slightly weaker version of which did later become law before being invalidated by the top court in Uganda.) And she wanted to use her position to help a young Yemeni woman named Nujood Ali. In August 2009, she sent this email to a senior department aide: “Do you recall Noori Ali (?), the ten year old Yemeni girl who got herself divorced? I met her at the Glamour awards last year. There was a CNN story last few days about how unhappy she is, still living at home, not attending school and quite angry that her life is not better. Is there any way we can help her? Could we get her to the US for counseling and education?”

Ultimately, these emails display a hardworking secretary juggling many issues while trekking the world and frequently responding to challenges with a sharp and sarcastic sense of humor. But they indicate that government work can be arduous and, at times, silly and surreal.

This is an open thread…have a good afternoon.