Friday Afternoon Open Thread: Run Hillary Run!


Good Afternoon Politics Junkies!!

The big day is almost here. Yes, this weekend, Hillary Clinton will open her 2016 campaign for President.

The Guardian, Exclusive: Hillary Clinton to launch 2016 campaign on Sunday en route to Iowa.

The former secretary of state is scheduled to declare her second run for president on Twitter at noon eastern time on Sunday, the source told the Guardian, followed by a video and email announcement, then a series of conference calls mapping out a blitzkrieg tour beginning in Iowa and looking ahead to more early primary states.

Clinton’s Sunday schedule is booked beginning with takeoff from New York to Iowa, where speculation has centered for weeks that Clinton was focusing attention for an April campaign launch. Her scheduled calls are with advisers in other key battleground states.

Clinton’s spokesman, Nick Merrill, did not respond to multiple requests for comment on the contours of Clinton’s campaign kickoff schedule. Another source close to the Clinton campaign confirmed Clinton would be in Iowa in the coming days….

Clinton has been quietly building a ground operation in Iowa, with a number of staff hires in Iowa including Matt Paul, a longtime aide to secretary of agriculture Tom Vilsack, to run Clinton’s operation, as well as veteran Iowa operative Brenda Kole as political director and DNC deputy communications director Lily Adams.

It’s the top story on Memeorandum and Google News this afternoon.  We’ll have to brace ourselves for the negativity coming from the media, but at least we know for sure now that she’s running. More links:


CNN: Hillary Clinton to announce 2016 bid Sunday with video.

Hillary Clinton is planning to launch her presidential candidacy on Sunday through a video message on social media, a person close to her campaign-in-waiting tells CNN, followed immediately by traveling to early-voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire to start making her case to voters….

Clinton has already filmed her campaign video, a person close to the campaign said, which outlines the central themes of her second bid for the White House. The message is intended to send a signal to Democrats that she intends to aggressively fight for the party’s presidential nomination.

A new epilogue of her book, “Hard Choices,” an excerpt of which was released Friday to the Huffington Post, offers a glimpse into why she is embarking on another presidential campaign. She writes about her new granddaughter, Charlotte, and calls for equal opportunity for her generation.

“Becoming a grandmother has made me think deeply about the responsibility we all share as stewards of the world we inherit and will one day pass on,” Clinton, 68, writes in the epilogue. “Rather than make me want to slow down, it has spurred me to speed up.”

The decision will sweep aside more than a year of speculation about her political aspirations and allow her to start making her case to voters. Advisers say she knows that Democratic activists are not interested in a coronation and she intends to campaign as though she has a tough primary challenge.

Central to Clinton’s second presidential run will be reintroducing the former first lady — on her own terms — to the American people. Democrats close to Clinton have started to call her the most unknown famous person in the world. Their argument is that people know of Clinton — she has near 100% name recognition in most polls — but they don’t know her story.

That sounds interesting.


Of course The New York Times is already ragging on Hillary.  You can go read it if you want, but I’m trying to stay positive just for today. Here’s Laura Clausen at DailyKos on the Times story.

New York Times worried that Marco Rubio called shotgun and Hillary Clinton ignored him

What is it about Hillary Clinton that makes political reporters show their stupid side? As Clinton prepares to announce a presidential run on Sunday, the New York Times‘ Amy Chozick and Maggie Haberman step up with the kind of coverage we can expect for the next 19 months:

Many factors played into the timing of Mrs. Clinton’s announcement. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, whom Mrs. Clinton’s advisers are watching closely as a potential opponent, staked a claim on Monday as his announcement date. Mrs. Clinton’s announcement on Sunday will certainly draw attention from Mr. Rubio’s entry into the race and could well eclipse it.And while the move could invite criticism as unsportsmanlike, her campaign is betting that Democrats will applaud the show of force against a Republican. (Others involved insisted the date was selected before Mr. Rubio scheduled his event, but said that the juxtaposition was an added bonus.)

Unsportsmanlike? Trust a woman—or a Clinton—to hit below the belt, I guess. Although let’s say Clinton did look at Rubio and think “Him. He, of all the Republicans, is the one whose announcement I need to bigfoot. I can let Rand Paul and Ted Cruz announce without interference, and I don’t need to wait for Scott Walker or Jeb Bush. No, Rubio is the guy I must mess with.” Even if she said that, we’re talking less about a dirty hit that could injure someone or at least leave him cupping his balls and gasping for the breath he needs to scream and more about, say, beating him to the car door after he called shotgun.

There could be a Republican presidential announcement a week for months, but Clinton is supposed to avoid all of them lest she appear unsportsmanlike?



The Washington Post: How Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign machine will kick into gear.

Clinton plans to launch her campaign via social media and with a video on Sunday articulating her rationale for seeking the White House. She’ll then travel to the first-in-the-nation caucus state of Iowa early next week for campaign events, these people said. She is expected to hold mostly small discussion events with voters designed to help the former secretary of state connect with ordinary Americans and listen to their concerns, forgoing the large rallies and traditional announcement speeches of some of her Republican rivals.

Behind the scenes, meanwhile, Clinton’s fundraising machine is revving up. Her top bundlers are plotting aggressive outreach to thousands of Democratic donors over the weekend and into next week urging them to immediately send checks and make donations online as soon as the Clinton campaign’s Web site goes live.

Democratic strategists, advisers and fundraisers described Clinton’s plans only on the condition of anonymity because she and her team have not yet finalized all aspects of her campaign rollout. Her official spokespeople declined to comment.

One more from The Daily Beast: Hillary to Launch Campaign This Weekend With ‘Insane’ Fundraising Push.

After the announcement comes the deluge.

Hillary Clinton will announce her presidential campaign this Sunday, sources in the Clinton operation tell The Daily Beast.

After that, the nascent campaign will embark on a fundraising push that the Clinton camp says will dwarf anything seen in the history of presidential politics.

“They are going to raise in one week what some Republican presidential candidates are going to raise the entire cycle,” said one Clinton aide.

On Saturday afternoon, Ready for Hillary, the super PAC that has been a Clinton campaign-in-waiting in the years since Clinton left the State Department, will host what is likely a final fundraising push at SouthwestNY, a sleek Tex-Mex restaurant steps from the rebuilt World Trade Center.

From then on, Ready for Hillary will encourage its 3.6 million supporters to give to Clinton’s real campaign while the super PAC quietly dissolves.

Of course the “liberals” and very concerned about Hillary and her insistence on running for President. I’d guess these are the same people who were screaming “Why won’t the witch just quit” back in 2008.


Brian Beutler at The New Republic: Why Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Frightens Democrats.

Hillary Clinton, who reportedly will announce her candidacy this weekend, is such a prohibitive favorite to win the Democratic presidential nomination that she more or less cleared the field simply by behaving like someone who was going to run. That’s as much a testament to her political talent as it is to her nominal association with the boom times of the late 1990s. But it’s also the source of genuine anxiety among liberals, who worry she’ll enter the general election rusty and untested unless someone formidable dares to challenge her in the primary.

This sounds like a reasonable point, until you apply the logic to all other major political races, where favored candidates labor tirelessly to avoid primary campaigns, whenever possible. No losing Senate candidate has ever looked back and wished he’d endured a primary to loosen him up, and no winning Senate candidate ever has ever attributed his victory to the months he spent doing battle with members of his own party. Senate Republicans attribute the two recent election cycles they spent in the minority to undisciplined activists backing primary challengers, and attribute their recent victory to hobbling those activists.

In Hillary Clinton’s case, though, there’s still a good argument that the Democratic Party could use a contested primary this cycle: not to toughen Clinton’s calluses, but to build some redundancy into the presidential campaign. It may even be the case that some of these Democrats with rattled nerves are less anxious about Clinton’s prowess against Republicans than about the fact that all of the party’s hopes now rest on her shoulders. Her campaign has become a single point of failure for Democratic politics. If she wins in 2016, she won’t ride into office with big congressional supermajorities poised to pass progressive legislation. But if she loses, it will be absolutely devastating for liberalism.

If you’re faithful to the odds, then most of this anxiety is misplaced. Clinton may have slipped in the polls by virtue of an email scandal and her return to the partisan trenches more generally. But she’s still more popular and better known than all of the Republicans she might face in the general, her name evokes economic prosperity, rather than global financial calamity, the economy is growing right now, and Democrats enjoy structural advantages in presidential elections, generally.

Maybe these unnamed very concerned Democrats should just get over it and try to get a fellow Democrat elected. Or maybe they should run themselves. But that would take courage and commitment. Why they’d probably have to use let reporters print their names!

Finally, the Wall Street Journal, that liberal stronghold /s, tells us that “some Democrats” think Hillary is too conservative. Do any of these people listen to what she says?

Liberal Democrats Try to Push Hillary Clinton Left. This one is behind a paywall, so I can only give you the first few lines; but we can all guess what these fake liberals had to say to the WSJ.

WASHINGTON—Hillary Clinton was once seen as a liberal voice pulling her husband and party to the left. Today, on the brink of her announcement that she is running for president, some Democrats think she isn’t liberal enough.

What troubles them are her ties to Wall Street and Bill Clinton’s centrist economic record. They don’t like that she appears more comfortable with bipartisan compromise than populist calls to fight banks and…

My guess is this whining is coming from Move On and the rest of the morons who want to see Elizabeth Warren run, even though she has no chance.

What do you think? What have you heard and read about Hillary’s plans?

Sunday Reads: Easter Bonnets and Whatnot

fbfdcdc2935653f39150ec3c0de86343Happy Easter

Just a link dump on this Sunday afternoon, with some lovely photos of women in hats. Big hats. The kind you would wear on an Easter parade. 

‘Revenge Porn’ Website Owner Sentenced to 18 Years in Jail

The owner of a website pertaining to ‘revenge porn’ has been sentenced to 18 years in jail. The operator of this website which is now offline was based in California. He was sentenced Friday, April 3, by the State Attorney’s office in San Diego to 18 years in jail for starting and handling the operations of his revenge porn website. The man behind this crass idea which lacks any sensibilities has been identified as Kevin Christopher Bollaert. He is 27-years-old and was found guilty on six instances of blackmailing and more than 20 instances of identity theft. Bollaert was actually facing a maximum prison sentencing of 23 years.

43318ef90087a682924445c515fefc5443 California judges were reprimanded for misconduct last year – LA Times

o judges had sex with women in their chambers, one with his former law students, the other with his court clerk.

A traffic court judge delegated his job to his clerk. While the judge was in chambers, the clerk heard pleas and imposed sentences.

A family law court judge excoriated two parents who appeared before him as “rotten” and the mother a “train wreck” and a “liar.”

The judges, among 43 disciplined last year by California’s Commission on Judicial Performance, received rebukes ranging from public censure or admonishment to a confidential “advisory” letter. The state watchdog agency ba0235db82ccc7763315f471caf91ef9documented the transgressions in an annual report that provides a behind-the-scenes look at errant behavior on the bench and how it is addressed.

Sexual transgressions are likely to be viewed with gravity, as are repeated remarks from the bench that belittle and humiliate lawyers and litigants, the new report suggested. The vast majority of complaints against judges result in no discipline, and most misconduct is resolved by sending judges private letters.

EU Agency Found ‘Issues’ with German Aviation Regulator

A European regulator found “issues” with Germany’s aviation authority in a regular review of air safety enforcement, the European Union’s executive body said Saturday.eb53016c1a699f1166fc76152fdfa6f4

Its statement did not say when the review was carried out, but The Wall Street Journal said the European Commission told Berlin in November “to remedy the long-standing problems” — months before last week’s Germanwings crash that killed all 150 people aboard.

The Journal said it was unclear whether the deficiencies identified at the aviation authority, the Luftfahrtbundesamt (LBA), were factors in the crash. But the newspaper cited two people familiar with the matter as saying European Union officials had found the LBA had a lack of staff, which could have limited its ability to carry out checks on planes and crew, such as medical checks.

aa17d0834468c11d12ddae3d765ff053Vetting of airline crew is in the spotlight after the German budget airline flight crashed in the French Alps. French prosecutors say they believe co-pilot Andreas Lubitz crashed the plane deliberately.

A spokeswoman for the LBA said the European Aviation Safety Agency’s audits of national aviation authorities such as the LBA take place several times a year. She said the LBA had answered a single-figure number of criticisms leveled at it during the audits, and those responses were now being assessed by EASA.

Listeria fear spreads as Blue Bell closes Oklahoma ice cream plant | Reuters

U.S. health officials have warned consumers against eating any products from a Blue Bell Creameries’ Oklahoma ice cream plant, which has temporarily closed because of possible Listeriosis contamination.4f6cda0302083819f5881f80979a00db

On Saturday the Texas grocery chain H-E-B, which is one of the largest retailers of Blue Bell ice cream, announced it was pulling all of the company’s products from its shelves indefinitely in the wake of the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warning.

Jeb Bush Is Struggling To Be Liked On Facebook – BuzzFeed News

Enthusiasm for Bush wasn’t super high on Facebook last week. And compared to other contenders like Walker and Rand, the sentiment for Bush has generally been lower all year.

BuzzFeed News has a partnership with Facebook for the 2016 election, and we get two sets of data: how often someone is mentioned (the number of interactions about that person in statuses and on pages) and how positively they are talked about (what the sentiment is in status posts — positive, negative, and neutral).

dfb3aee4b0cf67f8551da777d57baeb7How the 1 Percent Always Wins: “We Live in a Faux Democracy, Which Is Why Everyone’s So Cynical and Nobody Votes” | 


You’re praying to the wrong God: What organized religion gets wrong about prayer – 

David Sirota: A Deepening Democratic Party Divide – Truthdig



Call Brooklyn headquarters Clinton Hill – NY Daily News

It’s official. Brooklyn is no longer safe for hipsters.

The Clintons are coming! The Clintons are coming! Sew up your pockets and keep your daughters indoors.

1af4fb72785edce0f8a3242a2317d4e8Hell, even the gangbangers are shaking.

On Wednesday, as congressional investigators were trying to nail Hillary Clinton for permanently destroying thousands of emails stored on a personal server on the Clinton property that the secretary of state should not have been using for official business in the first place, Team Hillary signed a lease for 80,000 square feet of campaign headquarters in Brooklyn Heights.


Addicting Info – HILARIOUS – Imagine What The Home Shopping Network Would Be In Indiana (VIDEO)



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This is an open thread. 

Friday Nite Lite: No, Not Fun

Good Late Night

This has to be the worst few weeks for family, it terms of people we know who have dropped dead or been killed. Add another to the list, my husband’s friend, who was killed in an 18-wheeler accident on April Fools Day. It took a couple of days to identify the body…it was a very bad wreck.

Honestly, I am still so damn sick with this plague like illness, the exhaustion from coughing…and pain in my chest it is causing as well, has worn me so thin. The comics are below, hope everyone is doing fine, and sorry for the lame ass excuses and crappy post I’ve served up lately.

Anyway, here we go:

04/01/2015 Cartoon by David Horsey

Cartoon by David Horsey -

04/03/2015 Cartoon by MStreeter

Cartoon by MStreeter -

Great Satan: 04/02/2015 Cartoon by Rob Rogers

Cartoon by Rob Rogers - Great Satan

04/03/2015 Cartoon by Chan Lowe

Cartoon by Chan Lowe -

Religious Freedom: 03/31/2015 Cartoon by Rob Rogers

Cartoon by Rob Rogers - Religious Freedom

Now the Cagle….

local FL LIPocalypse by Political Cartoonist Bill Day

Passengers and Crew by Political Cartoonist Malcolm Evans

LOCAL CA Liking Arid by Political Cartoonist Monte Wolverton

Nuclear deal handshake by Political Cartoonist Steve Greenberg

Copilot by Political Cartoonist Joe Heller

Indiana law by Political Cartoonist Dave Granlund


Mideast Madness by Political Cartoonist Mike Keefe

Love Thy Neighbor by Political Cartoonist Kevin Siers

The Governess by Political Cartoonist Tim Campbell

Tennessee Guns in Parks by Political Cartoonist Daryl Cagle

Indiana by Political Cartoonist Joe Heller

What Jesus Said by Political Cartoonist Pat Bagley

Indiana Law by Political Cartoonist Adam Zyglis

Scientology – Truthdig

Rep. Schock Moves Out of Downton Abbey Office – Truthdig

Mandatory Church Attendance – Truthdig

And finally, the last one:

EASTER: 04/03/2015 Cartoon by Deb Milbrath

Cartoon by Deb Milbrath - EASTER

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Wednesday Reads: Fools Paradise

a26786372104feb27c9ac6d5fbb22893Happy April Fools Day!

Well, another April Fools Day is here.

So here are your links for the day:

April Fools’ Day 2015 – the best jokes from around the world | World news | The Guardian

Hong Kong – 7-Eleven recruiting French sommeliers who speak Putonghua

In Hong Kong, it is almost 7pm. The worst of April Fools’ Day is thankfully behind them. But how do they celebrate April Fools’ Day in Hong Kong? Glad you ask. They apparently celebrate it by being legitimately impenetrable:

Website and print magazine Wine Times HK, best known for its forthright opinions on the local wine scene, managed to cram three issues into one hoax.

aff6390a5c5a81fb67e8c7c657194d16In a humorous sideswipe at the large number of new French arrivals on the F&B scene, the number of mainland tourists in the city and the struggle for custom between Lan Kwai Fong bars and convenience stores, Wine Times claimed that 7-Eleven would be recruiting French sommeliers who speak Putonghua to advise mainland customers.

And this one:

Props to Nature, though, for writing an article about why dragons are real with such unswerving verisimilitude that I read one line, thought ‘this is too clever for me’ and took their word for it, as I have with every Nature article I’ve ever tried to read.


Right, look, I’m getting pummelled with bloody PR emails at the moment. To save everyone a lot of time 690f965c0a8da20df8db5a41fa1999b3and emotional energy I’m just going to bulletpoint them for you.

  • Beefeater is renaming itself Leafeater (ONLY JOKING! APRIL FOOL! But it is still the place you take your mum for mothers’ day when all the nice restaurants are booked)
  • You can sleep in Costa Coffee now (ONLY JOKING! APRIL FOOL! Although you technically can anyway because what are they going to do, kick you out for being tired, the Nazis?)
  • Someone’s made tartan paint (ONLY JOKING! APRIL FOOL! I hate the world and everything in it!)
  • Someone’s made a voice activated printer (ONLY JOKING! APRIL FOOL! Even though that actually sounds like a good idea and whoever sent me this email is an idiot for not patenting it)
  • dcd8850ba5c54fb2e99c79246d8962bdThere’s something called a reverse toilet (ONLY JOKING! APRIL FOOL! Although to be fair I didn’t actually read this one because it made it sound like a machine that shoots someone else’s poo up your bumhole and it made me feel a bit sick)
  • A cleaning service for dolls’ houses (ONLY JOKING! APRIL FOOL! Also, whimsy. A billion points deducted)
  • Hailo have started a service that’s literally just a man giving you a piggyback (ONLY JOKING! APRIL FOOL! You’re still going to only use Uber anyway)
  • Rosetta Stone can translate your dog’s barks now (ONLY JOKING! APRIL FOOL! However, it’s a scientific fact that everything your dog says is a variation of ‘I hate you, you are a bad owner, my life is filled with sadness and also most Rosetta Stone products are about 45% too expensive).

643407ad6a38df9742607b6910757346Hope that helps.


More at the link.

Other AFD jokes on the web: Tech sites lead on April Fools gags – BBC News

The Force – the mysterious energy field used by the Jedi in Star Wars – has been discovered by researchers at the Cern laboratory.

The European research centre announced its spoof discovery with pictures showing its scientists using The Force in everyday life.

It was one of many April Fools jokes seen on websites around the world.

7fa619fbbeff6670227c4fdfd829b58eOthers included a selfie shoe, driverless pizza delivery and thought-powered web search.

“The Force is what gives a particle physicist his powers,” said Cern scientist Ben Kenobi of the University of Mos Eisley, Tatooine in a press release.

Many scientists at the centre were already using The Force, said the release, to communicate over long distances, influence minds and for “lifting heavy things out of swamps”.

Others from companies like Microsoft at that link as well…

11 April Fools’ Day Jokes From Google | Mental Floss

3dd6052775f80ce3afe026af7b928f9cThat one is a best of list.

The rest of the links are in dump format, yes I am still sick…and it is frustrating as hell.

Over 1,000 People Discovered at Medieval Cemetery underneath the University of Cambridge

They Are No Men: Tolkien’s 6 Most Bad-Ass Forgotten Ladies | The Mary Sue

698e9fa161920cb0bdb515f64df76a38Isotope study shows which urban ants love junk food

Medieval Medicine Could Help Fight Superbug MRSA | Mental Floss

White Supremacists And Fox News Join To Suppress Academic Freedom | News Corpse

Arizona Governor Signs Bill Requiring Doctors to Lie to Women | The Bob and Chez Show | News and Politics Podcast and Blog

8dc9388a0badb24f6e4378c35b4306b0Eschaton: The War On Some Women Who Have Miscarriages

Indiana woman jailed for “feticide.” It’s never happened before. – The Washington Post

David Letterman counts down the top 10 guys Indiana Gov. Mike Pence looks like – The Washington Post

Patton Oswalt Welcomes Trevor Noah to Outrage Twitter in 53-Part Mock-Tweetstorm | Mediaite

Walmart Gave Workers a Raise—But It’s Not Enough To Keep Them Off the Dole | Mother Jones

Pregnant TV presenter Kristi Gordon receives hate mail for her clothes and ‘gross’ body – Americas – World – The Independent

And finally:

34da34b29f270c58ed122f9e83f99123Little bird’s arduous migration reaches ‘brink of impossibility’ | Reuters

The blackpoll warbler accomplishes a mighty big feat for a such a little bird.

Scientists on Tuesday documented how this songbird that weighs half an ounce (12 grams) completes an arduous nonstop flight over the Atlantic Ocean from forests in New England and eastern Canada to Caribbean islands as it migrates each fall toward its South American wintering grounds.

By placing miniature backpacks with geolocators on the birds, the researchers determined they flew an average of nearly 1,600 miles (2,540 km) over two to three days.

“No other bird this size migrates for this long in one go. It is truly one of the most amazing migratory feats ever recorded,” said ecologist Ryan Norris of the University of Guelph in Ontario, describing “a fly-or-die journey.”

They landed in Puerto Rico and Hispaniola, resting for a couple of days to a couple of weeks before flying to Colombia and Venezuela. University of Massachusetts ecologist Bill DeLuca described the migration as “on the brink of impossibility.”

The spring return flight follows a predominantly overland route through Florida and up the U.S. East Coast.

If you have any links to share, please do.

This is an open thread.

Sunday Reads: Pig and Elephant DNA Just Won’t Splice….

88257fba295284b84612d2250bad7593Good Morning

Things are still the same here in Banjoville. I am still sick as a dawg, and it is even worse because I am exhausted.

So…the post is what it is this morning, mainly links to stories that I have saved over the last few weeks.  Nothing deep or disturbing. ( Unless the images from the children’s books Elephant and Piggie count.)


Title of the post comes from an old South Park episode, like the second or third episode ever.

“Pig and Elephant DNA Just Won’t Splice” is a song that Dr. Alphonse Mephesto and later Chef sings in the Season Oneepisode, “An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig“.


When the boys visit the South Park Genetic Engineering Ranch in an attempt to cross the DNA of Cartman’s pot-bellied pig Fluffyand Kyle’s Elephant, Dr. Mephesto tells them that doing so is impossible, and that pig and elephant DNA just won’t splice. He then mentions that the 1980s pop rock band ‘Loverboy’, (purportedly) wrote a song about it, which he then performs, with his assistant Kevin acting as a dancer.

south-park-s01e05c10-the-morning-after-16x9Later on, the boys tell Chef about their unsuccessful attempt to create a pot-bellied elephant, and Chef also begins to perform the song, but stops halfway upon realizing that a pot-bellied elephant is a good idea, and tells the boys that since genetic engineering is out of the question, the only way to create one is to get the elephant and Fluffy to make “sweet love.”


Da’n Do-A, pig and elephant D-N-A
just won’t splice!

The reason I thought of this song in the first place?

03a6e8ffa3b292a06b0c5120dd0eeba5Woolly Mammoth DNA Inserted into Elephant Cells

The idea of bringing extinct animals back to life continues to reside in the realm of science fiction. But scientists have taken a small step closer to that goal, by inserting the DNA of a woolly mammoth into lab-grown elephant cells.

Harvard geneticist George Church and his colleagues used a gene-editing technique known as CRISPR to insert mammoth genes for small ears, subcutaneous fat, and hair length and color into the DNA of elephant skin cells. The work has not yet been published in a scientific journal, and has yet to be reviewed by peers in the field.

515895472b8c0d3a22d4a8ea6d8719d30Woolly mammoths (Mammuthus primigenius) have been extinct for millennia, with the last of the species dying out about 3,600 years ago. But scientists say it may be possible to bring these and other species back from the grave, through a process known as de-extinction. [Photos: 6 Extinct Animals That Could Be Brought Back to Life]

But we won’t be seeing woolly mammoths prancing around anytime soon, “because there is more work to do,” Church told U.K.’s The Times, according to Popular Science. “But we plan to do so,” Church added.

Splicing mammoth DNA into elephant cells is only the first step in a lengthy process, Church said. Next, 79c6c706a353dca9883b824257fe7f0e (1)they need to find a way to turn the hybrid cells into specialized tissues, to see if they produce the right traits. For instance, the researchers need to make sure the mammoth genes produce hair of the right color and texture.

After that, the team plans to grow the hybrid cells in an artificial womb; scientists and animal-rights advocates have deemed it unethical to grow them in a living elephant’s womb.

The best part of this is the next few paragraphs. Go to the link to read the plans for the mammoths after they are bred, I mean spliced.

Other cool news: Costa Rica is now running completely on renewable energy – Quartz

14968d6695a892cf1ffa589fd3478ab2Costa Rica is running without having to burn a single fossil fuel, and it’s been doing so for 75 straight days.

Thanks to some heavy rainfall this year, Costa Rica’s hydropower plants alone are generating nearly enough electricity to power the entire country. With a boost from geothermal, solar, and wind energy sources, the country doesn’t need an ounce of coal or petroleum to keep the lights on. Of course, the country has a lot of things going in its favor. Costa Rica is a small nation, has less than 5 million people, doesn’t have much of a manufacturing industry that would require a lot of energy, and is filled with volcanoes and other topographical features that lend themselves to renewable energy.

Sticking with science, and a bit of common fucking sense: Babies at risk from breast milk bought over internet – Health News – Health & Families – The Independent

c675e4f430ab4ccc42b9e5126b7e11c0Some new parents are putting their babies at risk of infection buy buying breast milk over the internet as a “dangerous” new online market emerges, experts have said.

Internet forums where parents can buy and sell breast milk have become increasingly popular in both the USA and more recently the UK.

Breast milk is the healthiest option for a baby’s development, but many mothers choose not to breastfeed and a small number are unable to do so.

Although the scale of online breast milk selling in the UK is not known, forums exist where mothers sell their excess milk for a range of prices such as £1 for a fluid ounce, or £5 for 100ml.

Websites such as offer a forum for mothers to sell or donate their milk, with headings such as “Dairy-free breast milk for sale – Dagenham”.

7f4f28e257d688c86901d6f55e22f9f2Sellers usually add a small profile about themselves with details such as whether they drink alcohol or caffeine, smoke or take drugs. It also features buyers’ listings, with the biggest category by far headed “men wanting milk”.

Other forums for sharing milk include a Facebook group, “Human Milk 4 Human Babies”.

Seriously? I mean who would feed their baby something bought like this? I just….have no words.

2bce963c18a5b3dbd7d8b2eba6964cf7Other links, because I am so sick, and coughing so much I can’t see straight.

More charges possible after mom, stepmom allegedly assault son’s bullies at Cooper Academy | Crime |

So you go from people feeding their babies breast milk they get online, to moms beating up on their kid’s bullies.

05e77135e160795004e3701f487eb3e9I understand and identify with the protective mamas myself….

Neanderthals Wore Eagle Talons As Jewelry 130,000 Years Ago

Hopes of preserving Cherokee language rest with children – North Carolina Ap

How Do You Say ‘Bastard’ in Medieval Latin?

10 Words Every Girl Should Learn

When Vietnamese people say American they always mean white | San Diego Reader

Vincent Price in a Smirnoff ad. |

Vincent Price for Smirnoff, 1955. Photographed for Life by Bert Stern.

Innit that an awesome ad? More info at the link.

Finally: Two elephants save truck from overturning – WNEM TV 5

(Source: Natchitoches Parish Sheriff's Office)

Read the story at the link, there is video too.

Now, have a good day, I am waiting to hear back from doctor. Take care…

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Friday Nite Lite: Madness of March

Yo, Evening…

Let’s just post these things cause I am still sick as shit.

From the one and only Luckovich:

Mike Luckovich | Political cartoons from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Pulitzer Prize winner



3/27 Luckovich cartoon: Forebears | Mike Luckovich


3/24 Luckovich: Reined In | Mike Luckovich

digital lk032415_color


That last one just might not be far off the mark.

03/27/2015 Cartoon by Ed Gamble

Cartoon by Ed Gamble -

Yemen: 03/27/2015 Cartoon by Rob Rogers

Cartoon by Rob Rogers - Yemen

03/27/2015 Cartoon by Nate Beeler

Cartoon by Nate Beeler -

Clay Bennett editorial cartoon: 03/27/2015 Cartoon by Clay Bennett

Cartoon by Clay Bennett - Clay Bennett editorial cartoon


03/27/2015 Cartoon by Jimmy Margulies

Cartoon by Jimmy Margulies -

03/27/2015 Cartoon by Nick Anderson

Cartoon by Nick Anderson -

Cruz on Obamacare: 03/27/2015 Cartoon by Adam Zyglis

Cartoon by Adam Zyglis - Cruz on Obamacare


The rest of these are Cagle:

cockpit door locked by Political Cartoonist Arend van Dam


Germanwings suicide by Political Cartoonist Tom Janssen


Bergdahl Desertion by Political Cartoonist Adam Zyglis


Obamacare 5th year by Political Cartoonist Dave Granlund


Ted Cruz Showman by Political Cartoonist Pat Bagley


And last before we go:


GOP Insanity Explained – Truthdig


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Friday Nite Lite: Tie me up, tie me down


Good Evening

I don’t know, it has been a rough week in my family. Three deaths…very sad.

So when I tried to find some funny comics for tonight’s post, there was just not much in the way of choice cartoons to link and share with y’all.

Anyway, the limited selection for tonight:

From Cagle:

Hillary’s Travels by Political Cartoonist Taylor Jones

ROLLING STONES 2015 TOUR by Political Cartoonist Randy Bish

GIRL SCOUT COOKIES by Political Cartoonist Randy Bish

NetanYAHOO by Political Cartoonist John Cole

March Madness by Political Cartoonist Rick McKee

Trump 2016 by Political Cartoonist Jimmy Margulies


GOP Iran Letter by Political Cartoonist Jeff Darcy



Hillary Emails and Iran LEtter: 03/17/2015 Cartoon by Monte Wolverton

Cartoon by Monte Wolverton - Hillary Emails and Iran LEtter

03/20/2015 Cartoon by Signe Wilkinson

Cartoon by Signe Wilkinson -


03/20/2015 Cartoon by David Horsey

Cartoon by David Horsey -

Tax Bracketology – Truthdig


Mike Luckovich: Netanyahu – Truthdig

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