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347a54415738d035b6ac126dd1758e32Happy Mother’s Day

To all you Mothers out there.

I honestly have been in  so deep a funk lately, that even the Hillary announcement has not lifted me out. Every country that is holding elections is going with right wing conservative parties…are you noticing this?

Well, Japan and England…Scotland, Israel, India, Australia, and the Not-Alberta portion of Canada. Right wing Enda Kenny of Ireland and Leader of the Fine Gael, their Conservative Party, is hoping this latest election in the UK will bode well for them in the next go round. 

3c6407eb3e1ec663b58c4beff0a1f76eHell, look at the news out of Japan lately…revisionism of history in academics? It reads like something you see going on around the campuses here in the US.

I think it starts with this constitution issue….and connects to things we talked about long ago, back when Fuckushima (spelling yes on purpose) really fucked things up…We need to talk about Abe | The Japan Times

Recent statements by the government of Shinzo Abe raise disturbing questions about decision-making in Japan. How much room is there in Abe’s political view for questioning or debate or argument, let alone dissent? Or is he just dedicated to rewriting the Constitution to remove the taint of the Occupation, allow fully-fledged military forces, and thus make Japan a “normal” country — without considering what “normal” means or its implications — and to hell with anything else?

Consider some recent actions:

fc686f638d618f500639a5b687546647• The passing in late 2013 of the secrecy law, allowing the government virtually unchallenged powers to designate information in the fields of security and diplomacy almost without limits as “secrets,” thus making topics related to the information virtually closed for public discussion.

Okay, now that article/op/ed goes into a lot of things, way beyond what I want to point out, so go and read it in full. The main thing I want to address is the Secrecy Law. 2013.

Bring it up to 2015.

Academics fail Abe administration on history | The Japan Times

On May 5, in an open letter in support of historians in Japan, an international group of 187 scholars (of which I am one) urged Japan to acknowledge and atone for the forced prostitution that occurred during wartime, stating: “Denying or trivializing” what happened to the “comfort women” is “unacceptable.”

3641cf936c3d0b96f38815fe4dbeb41dThere are many instances of sexual violence in wartime, but the letter, which has already been widely circulated on the Internet and has been the topic of numerous news reports, says, “The ‘comfort women’ system was distinguished by its large scale and systematic management under the military, and by its exploitation of young, poor and vulnerable women in areas colonized or occupied by Japan.”

The scholars note disagreement over how many women were involved, but stress that “large numbers of women were held against their will and subjected to horrific brutality” in what was a brutal and “inhumane system.” The letter goes on to call for further research that is “free from government manipulation, censorship and private intimidation.”

I asked some U.S. academics about their perspectives on government censorship in 21st-century Japan. Thomas Berger, a professor of political science at Boston University and author of the 2012 book “War, Guilt and World Politics after World War II,” had various talks and his participation in an NHK documentary cancelled due to what he believes was a combination of self-censorship and pressure from senior management.

In one publication, partially funded by a government-sponsored NGO, Berger was asked to avoid the comfort women issue. He insisted that it be left in, but it came at a cost.

c6e22134a5d4f793e45e56c3c134ba1a“I did compromise by not using the term ‘sexual slavery,’” he says, while asserting that would be something he would not agree to now. Taking issue with revisionist views, Berger believes there were tens of thousands of comfort women, including some professional prostitutes, “the majority of whom were coerced in one way or another to become comfort women and who had no possibilities for escape once they reached the front lines,” she says. Moreover, “there was a far larger pattern of sexual abuse by the Japanese Army involving millions of women, some of whom were kidnapped and kept as what we today would call sex slaves.”

2f35b1c43ac788ea08fa86969350dd85Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has long lobbied for a more positive spin on Japan’s past because he thinks that the prevailing narrative unfairly stigmatizes Japan and that it is difficult to nurture pride in youth based on so-called masochistic history. Thus the government is now whitewashing the history taught in Japan’s schools by forcing textbook publishers to hue to new guidelines aimed at imposing patriotic education. As a result, the comfort women have disappeared from all but one of Japan’s middle school textbooks.

Critics point out that the purpose of history is not to nurture pride and that airbrushing history is not the basis for sound education. Furthermore, promoting a propagandized version of history that fails to address the horrors Japan inflicted throughout Asia from 1931-45 leaves students poorly prepared to develop critical thinking skills and engage with others in the region. How can Japan pursue its long-standing goal of internationalization if its students are left in the dark about its past and force-fed a valorizing and exonerating history that tramples on the dignity of Japan’s neighbors? Can this jingoism serve as the basis of what the government envisions as “Super Global Universities”?

96230c69a45bd83047c79ed628684f55Hmmmm, more on this open letter here:

Historians Urge Japan to Set War Record Straight – WSJ

You can read the actual letter in full, available for download here: Open Letter in Support of Historians in Japan | H-Asia | H-Net

And on the affect this situation with Japan is having on Foreign Relations.

South Korea’s Park Chides Abe But Seeks Stable Japan Ties – WSJ

Shinzo Abe’s Sorry Apology | Foreign Policy

Now think about these nations, and their fucking right wing asshole elected officials…what they stand for, who they represent, what they are doing to the people who already have a limited voice in the policies that effect the public in general. By that I mean the everyday people. Those who we used to refer to as the 99%. We, are the those who get fucked along the way….you know who we are.

2b5e4c8eb627c954dda03c32782e6b74I’m gonna narrow it down to women, children, students, the minority majority (those of the other races that will or already make up the majority, but who are not white, non-white, non- Hispanic/Native-Indian/Asian, including of course…but not limited to blacks, African-Americans, Latins, Hispanics, webbed footed, one-eyed, two headed person…who may or may not be gay, trans, bi, or lesbian…disabled, sick, mental, mad. Almost like anything you’d find in a modern Dickens novel.) The main thing being that we are not white men or white uptight women who don’t mind being trampled on and over and used by said white men of the “right kind of” faith.

7a8f132cbe08e2af6d7d0076da37f711I know we preach a lot  to the choir. Dak and BB have mentioned many times about funding for education, healthcare, housing, etc. and how the powers that be are making it harder and harder to get an education, stay healthy and keep dry.

The lord on the manor keeps his peasants and slaves from learning how to read. Keeps them feed just enough to survive so they can’t runaway….or just fat and distracted enough to ignore what is really going on right in front of them.

e74c05410ee7d3ad1591193f63b737eaAnd so many times, we have said it before, history will teach us nothing?

Back to Japan and England, Israel, and the other conservative governments agendas…

It is disturbing to me that the conservatives of other nations, like the conservative bigots of our nation, want to rewrite our  history or seem to have the audacity to blatantly rule in the Supreme Court that…Civil Rights Act is no longer needed. Women’s Rights? Sure we got that….and Equal Rights are not worthy of discussing, there is no reason to have an amendment either. Religion, of a specific brand, will only qualify for those who sit in those leather seats on the Hill and history….will teach us nothing.

21c507a9cbbcabf46681cd053e94fd6aIt is scary as shit, and it makes me worry for my daughter, what kind of Mother’s Day will she have…and what kind of Mother’s Day will be left for her daughter in those decades to come. Mother’s Day makes us think of what came before us and what will come after us…

Sorry to be such a downer today, but it is just a real lot of shitty things to see in the world.

Hope you all could post some happy mother stories, because this has been a very depressing ten years? or more?

This is an open thread.


Friday Nite Late Lite: Slide some oil to me…

Good Evening

And it is Friday again….just a few since I am running very late.

The Cagle:

First one is great:

COSMIC SIGNALS by Political Cartoonist Bill Day

Moral religiosa by Political Cartoonist Osmani Simanca

Chuck NorrisTexas Tin Foil Hats by Political Cartoonist J.D. Crowe

Texas conspiracy by Political Cartoonist Dave Granlund

Justus by Political Cartoonist Milt Priggee

Court ruling on NSA phone records by Political Cartoonist Jimmy Margulies

British Elections – Truthdig

Mother’s Day – Truthdig

The rest from…..

Those are all from Luckovich of course…Best of Luckovich May 2015 |


This is an open thread.


Wednesday Reads: This Bird’s For You…

 9122a81dc2b064d2318dec1e14eec38dGood Afternoon


The post is full of the finger today, so you all take note.

When you look at the news and see headlines like this:

Rape added to murder and cannibalism charges against Indiana man – Yahoo News

A southern Indiana man who is facing a possible death penalty on charges that he killed his ex-girlfriend and ate part of her body has now been charged with raping her, an attorney representing the defendant said on Tuesday.

100049e414559189d6b1e541f15ed618The added charge against Joseph Oberhansley is intended to bolster the prosecution’s case for the death penalty, attorney Mike McDaniel said.

Oberhansley, 34, was charged last September in Clark County, Indiana, with breaking into the Jeffersonville home of his ex-girlfriend, Tammy Jo Blanton, murdering her and abusing her corpse by eating parts of it. He has pleaded not guilty.

Jeffersonville is across the Ohio River from Louisville, Kentucky.

McDaniel said Judge Vicki Carmichael approved the charge on Monday at the request of Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull. It was added, McDaniel said, because the other charges were not strong enough to warrant the death penalty.

A trial is scheduled for August 2016, time needed to adequately prepare for a capital case, McDaniel said. His client is currently in solitary confinement and he is concerned about him staying in solitary that long, he said.

(Never mind the “optics” of that last paragraph, considering the many black men who spend decades in solitary for crimes they did not commit.) I am pointing to the horrible death this woman experienced at the hands of her ex.

Next please….

Woman Alerts Police of Hostage Situation Through Pizza Hut App – ABC News

PHOTO: The Highlands County Sheriffs office says that a Florida woman communicated to employees of a Pizza Hut that she needed help from police through their ordering system.

A Florida mother held hostage by her boyfriend used the Pizza Hut app to notify police she needed help, authorities said.

Cheryl Treadway, 25, was allegedly being held at knife point in her home by Ethan Nickerson, 26, in Avon Park on Monday, the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office told ABC News today.

Grace Jones“She was held hostage by him all day,” Public Information Officer Nell Hays said.

Treadway and Nickerson’s three, young children were also present during the incident, authorities said, noting that the incident was sparked by an argument the couple had.

Nickerson took away Treadway’s phone, police said, but she was eventually able to persuade him to let her order a pizza using her Pizza Hut app.

“She told him, ‘The kids are hungry. Let’s order a pizza. Let’s get them some food,'” Hays said, noting that’s when Treadway was able to sneak in a written message through the delivery.

Along with her order of a small, classic pepperoni pizza, she wrote: “Please help. Get 911 to me,” according to police. She also wrote: “911hostage help!”

Thankfully the people who work at the Pizza Hut took the message immediately to the police. Imagine if they just thought it was a joke or hoax.

Take a look at the comments in that one…the sexism is rampant. And it is disgusting. Which brings me to this latest shit from the ad geniuses and executives at Budweiser, the King of Assholes…I mean Beers.

Ah, the days when the Budweiser ads were sexist in the most usual boring way….

From 1979, btw Lou Rawls is the voice over:


Starts at the 10-11 second mark.

Yeah, that is a woman walking by a bunch of construction workers while they harass her, your typical same old…same old.

Well…the shit has gotten real. Like “rapey” real.

People Seem To Think Bud Light Slogan Is Rapey, Just Because It’s Really Rapey | Wonkette



Oh, we get it, it's about date rape-type stuff!

Earth’s most generic light beer, Bud Light, has been doing an ad campaign that they think is oh so hip, lately, to try to get beer-pong playing, dildo-brained college kids to upgrade from Natty Light and drink 557121bc742c05a5fb4084df6f8d70f3THEIR piss beer instead. It’s called #UpForWhatever, and there was a big PacMan super bowl commercial, because Bud Light is the beer that, according to advertising execs, makes you “up for whatever.” The labels have said things like “the perfect beer for going without a ticket and still getting into the show,” and “the perfect beer for tuning up the old air guitar,” because these guys are fucking HIP, dude. Oh, and there’s this new label, that’s totally about drinking so much that bitches won’t say no when you try to fuck them, and people don’t like it, huh.

Reddit user GhosX9 posted a picture of the label, which reads “the perfect beer for removing ‘no’ from your vocabulary for the night,” on Monday, and it’s now going viral, because, FOR SOME REASON, people seem to think it’s rapey! And we tend to agree! The Consumerist suggests that, hey, you know, maybe it is NOT a good idea for a beer company to go ahead and acknowledge that their product is a really good way to get the old date rape train out of the station.

2ea74f693f12b1baeea0d6a075739cd0John Oliver mocks Bud Light’s ‘rapey’ ad campaign: ‘If a nickel could urinate, it would taste like a Bud Light’

In a short segment on HBO’s Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver ripped into a recently pulled ad campaign by the makers of Bud Light that used a tag line, “Remove no from your vocabulary” that one commentator said had a “certain rapey feel to it.”

Calling Bud Light, “the feudal peasant covered in donkey sh*t of beers,” the host criticized the management at Anheuser-Busch for not seeing how the slogan could be offensive when sexual assault is so often related to drinking.

With that in mind, Last Week Tonight created a parody “up for whatever” Bud Light commercial, where average bargoers are invited to have a Bud Light which then leads to wild partying afterwards.

To see the segment, take a look here:

The response from Bud Light?

16343352bd7a481f35f11388eea90b20Bud Light apologises for ‘pro-rape’ advertising campaign – Americas – World – The Independent

Bud Light has apologised for an advertising campaign accused of encouraging rape with the slogan: ‘The perfect beer for removing “No” from your vocabulary for the night’.

The labels, which were spotted on bottles promoting the company’s controversial ‘Up for Whatever’ branding, swiftly sparked protests on social media.


Jimmy Hoffa gives the finger to Attorney General Bobby Kennedy at a hearing

Jimmy Hoffa gives the finger to Attorney General Bobby Kennedy at a hearing

A spokesperson for Budweiser said that the slogan was one of more than 140 used in the campaign, which started two years ago – and would not go on any more beers.

Alexander Lambrecht, vice president for the Bud Light brand at Anheuser-Busch, said it was “clear that this message missed the mark, and we regret it”.

He added: “We would never condone disrespectful or irresponsible behavior.”

Then you have the reaction from the assholes on the right: Rush Limbaugh furious that Bud Light dropped offensive slogan — claims “rape culture” is a “concoction of the Left” –

0b0289b4e092618aed9d8bb8c2d3a41dRush Limbaugh insisted yesterday that the response to Bud Light’s infelicitous new slogan — “the perfect beer for removing ‘no’ from your vocabulary for the night” — was overblown because “there’s no such thing as ‘rape culture’ in America.”

Even though Bud Light already apologized for the ambiguity built into its new slogan, Limbaugh claimed that the only people who would understand it as a tacit endorsement of sexual assault are people who politically motivated to. “What must be your baseline of knowledge to read that tagline and assume that the company was promoting rape?” he asked.

“There is no such thing as ‘rape culture’ in America!” Limbaugh shouted. “It’s a myth! Like so much of liberalism!” He acknowledged that “we have people that rape — we have bad actors in virtually every aspect of life — but to call it a ‘rape culture’ is a concoction of the left, done so as to demand more liberalism in society and more limits on freedom.”

a1f6034c4ebb01ccbb75b6e603ae3058Limbaugh lit into liberals who are concerned with “raising awareness,” claiming that because there are only rapists, but no “rape culture,” all this talk of “raising awareness” is merely “the vehicle for moving the agenda of the Democrat [sic] Party.”

He was none too pleased when Bud Light admitted to a “tone-deafness to the role alcohol plays in ‘rape culture,’” because that admission validates the existence of “rape culture,” which he says no more exists than “global warming or man-made climate change.” Limbaugh claimed that the only evidence of there being a “rape culture” is “a phony story” — since retracted — in Rolling Stone about the University of Virginia.

I hate that man….

a913aab891bcab427d24bf4b292f4cb2Next up, another look at a late night commentary…this time from Jon Stewart: Jon Stewart: ‘It Is Not Okay to Shoot Other People Because You Are Offended’ | Mediaite

Jon Stewart spent most of the first segment of tonight’s Daily Show explaining that there is absolutely zero justification for shooting anyone for offensive speech. Stewart, of course, was reacting to the shooting in Texas last night outside a “Draw Mohammed” cartoon contest.

75c6b99934859baacb69868d66e0ee80The show’s correspondents popped up to ask increasingly ridiculous questions about shooting people (i.e. “what if I really don’t like them?”, ” what if someone is creating a climate of hate and intolerance by appealing to people’s basest fears?”). Stewart kept rebutting them and said “the violence just perpetuates the fear.”

He patiently explained, “It is not okay to shoot other people because you are offended by what they draw. Even if they drew it to offend you, no shooting of them. Never okay!”

The video is at the link, it is good, give it a look.

Young Muslim-Americans Draw Their Own Muhammad | Informed Comment

“Muslims condemned the attack at a Muhammad cartoon contest in Texas. But some of them started drawing cartoons of their own.”

AJ+: “Muslim Americans Draw Their Own Muhammad”

Video also at that link.

Sticking with the Mideast…here is some racism for ya:

0d6d19f2224be5200cfe468e2a092723Jewish Ethiopian racism protest in Israel turns violent – NY Daily News

Several thousand people from Israel’s Jewish Ethiopian minority protested in Tel Aviv against racism and police brutality on Sunday, shutting down a major highway and clashing with police on horseback long into the night.

The protest was mostly peaceful during the day, but by nightfall became violent with at least 20 officers hurt and “multiple protesters” arrested, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said.

Ethiopian Jews: Not Jewish enough – Al Jazeera English

“My blood is good enough for army service, but not good enough after,” shouted a woman at a line of riot police last Thursday in Jerusalem.

93c55c5d55b85eb52449f3e9156dba51“My brother is in Golani [an army unit] and so was I, but I can’t get a job; I face racism when I want to move into an apartment,” said another man in Tel Aviv on Sunday night.

They were two voices out of thousands who turned out for two massive, unprecedented, and at times violent, protests against racism and police brutality in Israel.

There are pictures at those links that look like something from Baltimore or Ferguson. Please, go and read about this situation in Israel. It is looking like this Spring/Summer season is going to be an explosive one. People are fed up and saying Fuck You, in the one way that usually gets the attention of the media…the last resort when things build up to the breaking point.

Okay, back to the sexism for a moment.

c13001655b64a1e682b6f1e249150e4fThis op/ed from the Vancover Sun: Opinion: Sexism already surrounds Princess Charlotte By Naomi Lakritz, Calgary Herald

I’m not much for keeping pace with news of the royals. But the breathless reporting on the birth of the new princess was not only gagworthy, it was rather depressing as well.

Gagworthy, because as one gushing reporter said, the birth of Princess Charlotte makes this the perfect fairy tale cast for William and Kate.

A perfect fairy tale, eh? Wow, they’ve achieved what all the rest of us can’t: marriage and family life without disagreements, stress, problems, exhaustion, worries, kids acting up, kids acting out, or a newborn’s all-night colic. Great!

Wonder what their secret is and if they could bottle it and sell it. Maybe it’s the fact the newest addition to the family will be worth $300 million a year to the British economy before she even turns 10.

That’s what is so depressing. She was barely 24 hours old before her economic worth and her entire future were laid out, in hues of the most sexist and garish pink.

It is fucking good, go and read it.

aba95816da2547c7c0e7f86a5f1eea01Royal-watchers sucbh as Penny Junor, who has written biographies of princes William and Henry, are already predicting Charlotte’s teen years will be difficult.

“She is going to bring so much glamour,” Junor said. “Princesses wear beautiful clothes. They endear themselves in a way boys don’t.”

She sounds as if she’s talking about a Barbie doll, and not a flesh-and-blood little girl who is entitled to her identity. What if Charlotte doesn’t care about glamour or beautiful clothes?

“The thing that worries me is she will be pulled apart. Constantly, people will ask what her hair is like, has she put on weight. It will be hard being a teen princess,” Junor said, pretty much initiating the pulling apart already with her comments.

Other comments in various media outlets ranged from the super-sexist (the little princess can look forward to a life of sparkly shoes) to the inane (certainty that the baby will inherit her mother, Kate’s, love of photography and art) to the sublimely silly (she probably won’t have a military career like her father, but she just might).


e8a4ace39109c8c90a970bf5e63a81ddI wish I could quote the whole thing here…but there is lots more said at the link.

The rest of the day’s stories will be in dump format since it is so late and I want to get this posted.

In keeping with the theme:

“They’re full of sh*t”: Sex workers claim A&E exploited them for reality series “8 Minutes” –

The production allegedly promised to help dissatisfied sex workers out of the industry and never followed through


adb670e72efb1f62dbc4d3c968faf374The Manosphere by the Numbers – Pacific Standard

Membership in online forums and subreddits dedicated to men’s rights, pick-up artistry, and involuntary celibacy (with usernames like Captainpayback):

  • r/seduction, subreddit with tips on manipulating women
         200,145 subscribers
  •, website with tips on manipulating women
         148,511 members
  • r/TheRedPill, subreddit about men’s rights
         98,796 subscribers
  • r/ForeverAlone, subreddit about involuntary celibacy
         37,583 subscribers
  •, website forum about involuntary celibacy
         4,034 members


Fucking give me a fucking break. Sorry….


High school in Texas with no sex education policy is dealing with chlamydia outbreak – Love & Sex – Life and Style – The Independent -We have the same problem here in North Georgia. Massive chlamydia outbreak.

Beneath the Debate of the Washington ‘Redskins’ Name is an Underlying Truth: The Vast Majority of Americans Have a Limited — and Often Mistaken — Understanding of Native American History | National Museum of the American Indian

6c0e45a2d88082471aa0f0259b99281aHave y’all seen this? Eighteen black mothers wonder if hospital stole their babies | theGrio

Eighteen black women who were told decades ago that their babies had died soon after birth at a St. Louis hospital now wonder if the infants were taken away by hospital officials to be raised by other families.

It is heartbreaking.

City Council approves $5.5 million in reparations for Burge torture victims | Chicago

07143120c3d7389c63ccd37582b07952Germanwings Co-Pilot Lubitz Rehearsed Crash on Previous Flight: BEA Report – NBC

And it has happened again: EXCLUSIVE: NYPD cop killed with gun stolen from Georgia shop – NY Daily News

Chalk up another killing for the Iron Pipeline.

When Officer Brian Moore was gunned down in Queens Village, it marked the last stop for an illegal weapon stolen 31/2 years earlier from a funky pawnshop in a small town nearly 1,000 miles away.

“Once again, a police officer has been killed with an illegal gun from Georgia — a state that last year did the NRA’s bidding and weakened its already lax gun laws,” carped the group Everytown for Gun Safety.

314b9248ed132704b4aa7f960f0c889aIn other news: Woman slashed face of boyfriend’s dead ex: cops | New York Post

Authorities say a Tulsa woman reached into the casket of her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend at a funeral home and slashed the dead woman’s face.

Shaynna Sims, 26, was arrested after the alleged incident last Thursday on a preliminary complaint of illegally dissecting a human body, which is a misdemeanor.

9e411361b538775f55e0416affbde551The police arrested her at the dead woman’s apartment…weird.

If that story did not freak you out this one will: Compiling a ‘dentist’s handbook’ for penis worms

Look at this description:

A new study of teeth belonging to a particularly phallic-looking creature has led to the compilation of a prehistoric ‘dentist’s handbook’ which may aid in the identification of previously unrecognized specimens from the Cambrian period, 500 million years ago.

b3b0e9230f9b48718f9be87c0afe85b3It sounds like something out of a horror movie: a penis-shaped worm which was able to turn its mouth inside out and drag itself around by its tooth-lined throat, which resembled a cheese grater. But a new study of the rather unfortunately-named penis worm has found that their bizarre dental structure may help in the identification of previously unrecognised fossil specimens from the time on Earth when animals were first coming into their own.


And finally: Team reveals the first ‘images’ of thunder

For the first time, scientists have imaged thunder, visually capturing the sound waves created by artificially triggered lightning. Researchers from Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) are presenting the first images at a joint meeting of American and Canadian geophysical societies in Montreal, Canada, May 3-7.

SwRI reveals the first 'images' of thunder

“Lightning strikes the Earth more than 4 million times a day, yet the physics behind this violent process remain poorly understood,” said Dr. Maher A. Dayeh, a research scientist in the SwRI Space Science and Engineering Division. “While we understand the general mechanics of thunder generation, it’s not particularly clear which physical processes of the contribute to the thunder we hear. A listener perceives thunder largely based upon the distance from lightning. From nearby, thunder has a sharp, cracking sound. From farther away, it has a longer-lasting, rumbling nature.”

Although people see it as a flashing bolt, lightning begins as a complex process of electrostatic charges churning around in storm clouds. These charges initiate step leaders, branching veins of electricity propagating down, which subsequently lead to a main discharge channel. That channel opens a path to nearly instantaneous return strokes, which form the lightning flash as we see it. By studying the acoustic power radiated from different portions of the lightning channel, researchers can learn more about the origins of thunder as well as the energetic processes associated with lightning.

Cool innit?

Let’s treat this as an open thread…

Sunday Reads: When R-Rated Movies Meets Golden Books…

Cooly's Lil4Good Afternoon

I’ve been stalling, writing this post today. I don’t really know why, but there it is…

The images for the thread are by Pixel artist Josh Cooley. I found them via Pinterest:

Les films cultes revus par un artiste de Pixar ! on Pinterest

More on MOVIES ‘R’ FUN: The Pre-(Film)School Book That’s Not for Preschoolers | Nerdist

Having a baby can be the most incredible, amazing, life changing experience. But if you’re a new parent that is a true aficionado of the cinema, there’s one cold, harsh reality that sets in almost immediately following the blessed event. This tiny child, this little human in your arms that is beginning their journey on the road of life… will not be able to watch some of 8.5x1113the best moments of the silver screen until he or she is at least SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD.

Well, unless they are my kids…then they get to see American Werewolf in London, Fargo and Goodfellas at an early age…

This is exactly what happened to Josh Cooley – a story supervisor at Pixar Animation Studios. When he realized he wouldn’t be able to share his favorite films with his newborn daughter for many years to come, instead he immediately set to work. The result is the hilarious parody “Movies R Fun,” a tongue-in-cheek easy-reader style book made up of classic scenes from films like Alien, Rosemary’s Baby, A Clockwork Orange, and Silence of The Lambs.

3026556-slide-s-12-movies-r-fun-pixarKids’ Book Versions Of R-Rated Movies

‘Fargo,’ ‘Pulp Fiction,’ and Other Classic R-Rated Movies as Children’s Books – Flavorwire

Anyway, let’s get on with the show…and it is a dump show at that.

School serves meat from 2009, used gravy to mask smell |

Parents in Hawkins County, Tennessee near Knoxville are outraged after learning children were fed 6-year-old pork roast for lunch.

County Commissioner Michael Herrell was alerted to the problem after a cafeteria worker at Joseph Rogers Primary School sent him a photo of the meat they had for school meals.

The pork roast was dated back to 2009. Workers there didn’t serve the meat, but other schools did.

“The woman that was raising the stink about it, she said it smelled so bad they made gravy to put over the meat, to give it a small to give it a better taste,” Herrell tells WBIR.

Director of Schools Steve Starnes said he learned about the issue April 23. The meat passed their tests.

Josh-Cooley-Movies-R-Fun-12“There were some meats with dates of 2009, 10, 11 in the freezer. Our child nutrition supervisor had the cafeteria managers look at the meat, do the tests, and see if it was OK. The decision was made to serve it,” said Starnes.

Cafeteria workers have been asked to go through inventory and make sure that no expired stock is left on the shelves.  So far, there have been no reports of illness.

I think the key quote on this article is by County Commissioner Herrell:

“We have a lot of kids that go to school, and that might be the only meal they get all day long. And it upsets me that these kids are going to school to get that meal.”

Links on Baltimore:

Larry Wilmore: Baltimore gang members sound ‘like Noam Chomsky’ compared to the cops

Thursday’s Nightly Show episode contains video footage of a meeting in Baltimore between Larry Wilmore and gang leaders in the city. Gang members told Wilmore that — not only do they not condone looting or violence against the police — they actively work to prevent it. But that hasn’t stopped them from getting concussion grenades thrown at them without warning.

3026556-slide-s-15-movies-r-fun-pixarCiting the damage wrought by decades of oppressive policies, including poverty and police brutality, Crips, Bloods, and Black Guerrilla members in Baltimore have banded together to find collaborative solutions to the problems facing their city.

“Whoa. You know the cops are running wild when gang leaders start sounding like Noam Chomsky by comparison,” Larry Wilmore quipped on Thursday’s airing of the Nightly Show.

On Wednesday, Wilmore had taken a train to Baltimore, where he met with local gang leaders at a diner.

Wilson began his discussion by asking the group how it came to diplomatic consensus. Was there a “truce or a treaty?” Did it have to be “ratified by Congress?”

If so, that could be a problem, Wilmore warns. House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) is “kind of an asshole.”

“We didn’t have a truce or a treaty,” a gang member told Wilmore. “We just had men respecting each other as men. Just like that.”

3026556-slide-s-14-movies-r-fun-pixarBaltimore gang affiliates clarify that they can’t speak for the entire country, but that the Bloods and Crips in Baltimore are no longer at odds with each other.

“This is what we’re doing. We start with us,” a gang leader at the table said.

Where does anger in Baltimore communities come from, Wilmore wonders aloud.

A gang member explains that there’s “only so far back into this corner that you can push me before I have to push back. That’s what happened.”

Wilmore notes that a lot of people just don’t appreciate the reality of on-the-ground life for low-income people in Baltimore.

Which makes sense to at least one gang member at Wilmore’s table. “If you’re living in a million dollar house,” he inquires, “how can you relate to living in the hood getting pushed? You good. So you can’t understand what we going through. Same as, when you be like, I got to pay my property taxes. I can’t relate to that. I’ve never paid property taxes before.”

Yes….just look at the video…

3026556-slide-s-1-movies-r-fun-pixarBaltimore erupts in joy after cops charged in Freddie Gray death

Did this Fox host seriously just ask black people why they don’t riot when police officers get shot?

Addicting Info – Louie Gohmert: It Would Be A ‘Real Shame’ To Stop Mass Incarceration (VIDEO)

Prince Recorded a Song About Baltimore Unrest | Mediaite

In reaction to all the unrest this week over the death of Freddie Gray, Prince recorded a song dedicated to the people of Baltimore.

A spokesperson for the artist formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known as Prince said that the song “addresses the unrest in Baltimore and the socio/political issues around the country in the wake of a slew of killings of young black men.”

They also released this image as the art for the single:

Baltimore’s new plantations: Race, police and how little things have changed since Frederick Douglass –

WATCH: Protester in ‘F*ck the Police’ Shirt Pepper Sprayed by Baltimore Cops | Mediaite

This next video clip is just to remind you that sometimes…the life does mimic film.

Texas Councilman Takes Bathroom Break, Forgets to Turn Off Microphone | Mediaite

During a recent city council meeting in Georgetown, Texas, Mayor Pro Tem Rachael Jonrowe struggled to keep it together when an unnamed councilman left the room to use the bathroom, accidentally leaving his microphone on the entire time…

Video at the link.

A couple of deaths this past week…

Jayne Meadows dies at 95; actress, wife of Steve Allen – LA Times

Jayne Meadows

Russian ballet dancer Maya Plisetskaya dies at 89 | Stage | The Guardian

Maya Plisetskaya performs at the National Ballet Theatre in Kiev, Ukraine, in 1996.

And BB King…is at home:

BB King ‘receiving hospice care’ – BBC News

BB King

But in Great Britain, a new life is celebrated.

Snapshot: First pictures of Prince William-Kate Middleton’s daughter are out

Take a look at her first photos.

Snapshot: First pictures of Prince William-Kate Middleton's daughter are out

Britain’s Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, was clicked while holding her baby daughter outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital.

Okay she is cute…and if you are inclined: ROYAL BABY: Possible names for the new Princess | Western Morning News

In other news….

3026556-slide-s-6-movies-r-fun-pixarContrast this: Addicting Info – Rich Guy Kills Girl While Driving Drunk, His Family Pays $72k For ‘Luxury’ Jail Cell (VIDEO)

It has been revealed that wealthy families are now allowed to buy their jailed relatives a privileged prison experience, with “pay-to-stay” upgraded cells.

In Southern California, cities including Anaheim, Arcadia, Burbank, Glendale, Huntington Beach, Pasadena, Santa Ana and Torrance allow wealthy inmates to avoid the overcrowded and dangerous jail system by renting upgraded cells for a daily fee.

  • In Pasadena, that fee is $143 per day, plus a one-time administrative fee of $64.
  • In Fullerton, inmates can spend $127 a night to get their own TV, their own phone, and even their own full-size fridge.
  • In Anaheim, wealthy pay-to-stay inmates can check out their own DVD players and work out in a luxury gym.

This means that despite the promise of ‘equal justice for all’, privilege continues even behind bars. This doesn’t only do a dis-service to less privileged inmates, but the victims of wealthy criminals.

828_zz4c8e0a50-550x439To this:

Mother found dead along with son died of natural causes | Miami Herald Miami Herald

Authorities say a woman found dead along with her infant son in a western Pennsylvania apartment died of pneumonia rather than a drug overdose.

The Allegheny County medical examiner’s office said an autopsy concluded that 22-year-old Sara Kessler succumbed to bronchial pneumonia caused by a bacterial infection of the heart in her Millvale apartment in March. Her death was ruled due to natural causes.

Officials said her 9-month-old son, Carey, with no one to care for him, died of dehydration. His death was ruled accidental.

Police said originally that they suspected an overdose, but the medical examiner’s office said drugs played no role in her death.

Her brother Matthew Knaus tells the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that the loss has been eased by learning that his sister wasn’t responsible for their deaths.

Uh, excuse me? No…Poverty is cause of death!

Sorry but I will end it on that note….More links in the comments below.

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Goodfellas, The F*cking Best Movie Ever Made. Open Thread.

Goodfellas celebrates 25th anniversary.

Good Evening

It’s been 25 years since “Goodfellas” was released in 1990 and yet the film still remains a favorite. Well, it is my favorite anyway….

You can see what the cast looks like now after 25 years at that link.

The film was celebrated at the Tribeca film festival today.  So enjoy these next few links that discuss the one and only Goodfellas.

‘Goodfellas’ actors spill secrets for 25th anniversary – NY Daily News

Just like the character he played in “Goodfellas,” Ray Liotta sang like a canary Saturday at the 25th anniversary reunion for the mob classic.

Capping the 12-day Tribeca Film Festival, actors Robert De Niro, Lorraine Bracco, Paul Sorvino and screenwriter Nicholas Pileggi more than amused a Beacon Theatre audience with behind-the-scenes tales from the beloved flick, which opened in 1990.

But it was Liotta, who played mob informant Henry Hill, who truly spilled the beans, telling a rapt crowd that Joe Pesci’s famous “Do I Amuse You” sequence was almost entirely improvised.

“Joe was just telling a story in rehearsal about something that happened to him in Queens,” Liotta recalled. “Some guy, who happened to be a connected guy, said, ‘You think that’s funny?’”

Actually, that is not anything new as far as news…we all have heard about that tale from Joe Pesci before.

But more here:

Tribeca 2015: ‘Goodfellas’ Reunion, Martin Scorsese Said He “Denigrated a Certain Ethnic Group” – Hollywood Reporter

Of the many delicious scenes in Goodfellas, the one that lingers longest is that of Paulie Cicero slicing garlic with a razor blade.

“The character in real life actually did that! And people have asked me if those were stunt hands — no, they’re mine,” Paul Sorvino recalled to The Hollywood Reporter of the move, which he recently re-created on Rachael Ray. “But do not mix garlic and onions together — if I hear you did, I’m going to hunt you down.”

Ray Liotta also joked of the scene, “I like it a little thicker — not as thin as they do!” and Debi Mazar, who actually hadn’t ever seen the movie on the big screen before, warned fans, “Don’t slice your garlic with a razor blade — there’s no reason to do that!”

The three shared hugs at New York City’s Beacon Theatre on Saturday night, along with Robert De Niro and Lorraine Bracco, for the 25th anniversary of the Martin Scorsese gangster classic — a reunion that closed the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival and included about a dozen members of the 1990 film’s other cast and crew in the audience.

Joe Pesci couldn’t be here, but he sent this email: ‘F—, f—, f—, f—ity f—, f—'” read De Niro, introducing the film with fest co-founder Jane Rosenthal. “I’ll translate: ‘Dear Bob, sorry I can’t be there. Love to all. Best, Joe.'”

Scorsese and producer Irwin Winkler sent video messages to the audience, as they’re currently filming Silence in Taiwan. “I remember the previews were one of the worst experiences of my life — we had three of them and they were all in California. … It seemed that the audience had to be prepared for what it was, but there was a lot of controversy,” Scorsese said of debuting the crime drama, in which his parents also appear. He then addressed screenwriter Nicholas Pileggi: “Remember that nice Italian restaurant in Tribeca that we used to go to? And then when the film came out, the owner of the restaurant said we’re not allowed in anymore because we apparently denigrated a certain ethnic group for the picture?”

That I have to say no…I can’t agree with that. Because what I saw, is what I grew up with. Sorry.

The scene with the Mother and Tommy and eating spaghetti and talking about settling down…no, that is as real as it gets.

As far as the mobsters and the violence, ugh….no comment. (Cough…cough.)

11 Things We Learned About Goodfellas — Vulture

Author and co-screenwriter Pileggi didn’t believe it was Scorsese calling him.

After Wiseguy, Pileggi’s book about the life of Henry Hill, came out, Martin Scorsese called the writer numerous times to talk about adapting it. Pileggi, a writer for New York (hey!) at the time, said he would get “these pink slips saying, ‘Call Marty Scorsese.’” But he refused to believe it was Scorsese calling; he thought they were messages from David Denby, then the magazine’s film critic. Scorsese, unable to figure out why Pileggi wasn’t calling him back, got someone in his office to call Pileggi’s wife, the late Nora Ephron, and told her to tell the writer to call him back. Pileggi came home that night to an irate Ephron: “Are you crazy? Marty Scorsese’s been trying to reach you! Call him back!”

That is the first of the eleven, go and see the other ten…

Jon Stewart geeks out over “Goodfellas” at Tribeca: “One of my most favorite movies of all time” –

Jon Stewart geeks out over "Goodfellas" at Tribeca: "One of my most favorite movies of all time"

In addition to celebrating the power of film, this year’s Tribeca Film Festival also provided an opportunity for all our esteemed fake news hosts to geek out over their favorite films. Colbert talked to his hero George Lucas about “Star Wars,” John Oliver moderated a lively Monty Python reunion, and last night, diehard “Goodfellas” fanboy Jon Stewart closed out the festival with a celebration of the 25th anniversary of Martin Scorsese’s iconic gangster film.

Following a screening of a remastered print of the film at New York’s Beacon Theater, Stewart moderated a Q&A with stars Robert DeNiro, Ray Liotta, Paul Sorvino, Lorraine Bracco and screenwriter and “Wiseguy” author Nicholas Pileggi.

“What a thrill for me tonight, this is one of my most favorite movies of all time,” said Stewart upon introducing the panel, adding that the film was “one that, when I saw back in 1990, nearly ruined my life, because at that point, I could only talk in ‘Goodfellas.’ I was a comedian, so you can only imagine our conversations ended with ‘funny, how?’”

Scorsese, who couldn’t be there because he was shooting in Taipei, sent a taped video message, in which he chatted candidly about the film and gave a shoutout to the panel’s moderator, saying: “Jon, if you were around at the time, we would’ve put you in the picture. I’m not exactly sure where, but…”


Super-fan Stewart, meanwhile, appeared to still be holding out hope for a sequel. “When you do a classic like this and then you think about ‘Godfather 1,’ ‘Godfather 2,’ ‘Godfather 3,’ do you think ‘Goodfellas,’ ‘Greatfellas?’” he quipped to the group. “You could have ruined this very easily.”

And now a bit of the real thing:

The Real Goodfellas: The Mysterious Fate of Tommy DeSimone

Goodfellas buried Tommy DeVito in a closed coffin. The real Tommy D came to a more crushing end.

SPOILER ALERT:This article is all about endings, but it is still has no finish.

In Martin Scorsese’s classic gangster film Goodfellas, Tommy DeVito, played by Joe Pesci, gets whacked by John Gotti’s family in retribution for killing made man Billy Batts, played by Frank Vincent. Robert De Niro’s character “Jimmy the Gent” Conway gets the news in a phone booth which he pummels in a fit of rage. Scorsese got his dope from Henry Hill, who ratted out his friends to the feds and told all in a best-selling book called Wise Guy. In the movie, Tommy has to be buried in a closed coffin because he was shot in the face.

Tommy DeVito is based on Tommy DeSimone, aka “Two-Gun Tommy” or “Tommy D.” Most news reports, including one of mine, are based on Wise Guy and the press reports surrounding the $6 million dollar Lufthansa heist at John F. Kennedy International Airport. The problem is, the Gotti crew had nothing to do with the death of DeSimone. Tommy wasn’t buried in a closed coffin. He was never buried at all. His body was never found.

Pretty much everyone is familiar with Joe Pesci, either from his role in popular Christmas-themed children’s film Home Alone or his role in Martin Scorsese’s Oscar-winning gangster classic Goodfellas. He largely retired from acting in 1999, but starting today, you can see him on the big screen in Clint Eastwood’s Jersey Boys. Just one hitch: you’ll be seeing an actor (Joseph Russo) playing the character “Joe Pesci” rather than the actor Joe Pesci playing a character in the film.

Jersey Boys the film is based on Jersey Boys the play, which tells the story of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons from the group’s inception all the way through to (spoiler alert) the group’s reunion at the 1990 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Turns out, Joe Pesci actually played a not-inconsequential role in the formation of the popular doo-wop band. Growing up near Newark, N.J., young Pesci was friendly with Tommy Devito and the rest of the band and, according to the canon that the film presents, Pesci connected DeVito (the band’s behind-the-scenes leader at the time) with “Short-Shorts” writer Bob Gaudio, who would later write nearly all of the Four Seasons’ most popular songs. Now, according to the movie, DeVito works for Pesci. Yeah, that Joe Pesci. Small world, right?

The connection doesn’t end there, though. Later, Pesci—the actor, not the Jersey Boys character, who was a real person but not played by Joe Pesci because real-life Pesci was already in his 60s by the time Jersey Boys the play arrived on Broadway in 2005—starred in Scorsese’s Goodfellas. His name in the film? Tommy DeVito. And in case that weren’t enough of an in-joke, at one point during Goodfellas, Karen (Lorraine Bracco) confronts Henry (Ray Liotta), and says to him, “”Who the hell do you think you are, Frankie Valli or some kinda big shot?” Valli, in addition to being the lead singer in the Four Seasons, also allegedly had ties to the Italian mob (as did DeVito), so there’s more than enough self-referentiality going on here.

Anyhow, here’s the point: without Joe Pesci, we likely wouldn’t have The Four Seasons, Jersey Boys (the play or the film), Goodfellas or My Cousin Vinny. There are likely plenty more links to be made, but probably best to stop here before the universe collapses on itself.

So….what do you know…ain’t that funny….funny how?

But quick:

Power of Nepal earthquake was equivalent to 20 atomic bombs – Asia – World – The Independent

Clinton Foundation on Donor Disclosure: ‘We Made Mistakes’ | Mediaite

Stephanopoulos Challenges Clinton Cash Author: ‘Is There a Smoking Gun?’ | Mediaite

Smoke But No Gun Yet | The Mahablog

John Boehner Accuses Hillary Clinton of Breaking the Law

And this next story is crazy…

‘F*ck this court — I AM Justice': Woman uncorks berserk legal rant after civil rights suit tossed

Full court filing can be found here: Very Angry Lady Successfully Files “Fuck This Court” Legal Brief

and if you read down at that Gawker link for the Pepperment comment you will find the full story behind the story:

This is an open thread.

Friday Late Nite: Is this coming to an end?

Hello, and good late night.

The cartoon posts are getting more and more difficult to do lately, the websites I usually find these lovelies are making it harder for me to post the cartoon images. So I am left to give you the links and let you go and look at the images yourself.

From Cagle:

Earth Day 2015 by Political Cartoonist Rick McKee

Oil trains by Political Cartoonist Milt Priggee

Billionaire Frat Boys by Political Cartoonist Pat Bagley

Migrants by Political Cartoonist Joe Heller

Botched drone strike by Political Cartoonist Jimmy Margulies

Income Inequality by Political Cartoonist R.J. Matson

Armenian atrocity 100th by Political Cartoonist Dave Granlund

Koch Bulimia by Political Cartoonist Randall Enos

Drone accuracy Repost by Political Cartoonist Taylor Jones

Genocides by Political Cartoonist Steve Greenberg

Women’s freedoms by Political Cartoonist Osama Hajjaj

Greece and Russia by Political Cartoonist Gatis Sluka

Now for the few cartoons that I can share the images with you, for now….

4/26 Luckovich cartoon: Speak of the devil | Mike Luckovich


4/24 Luckovich cartoon: So you think you can dance? | Mike Luckovich


Migrant Boat – Truthdig

Dr Oz – Truthdig

Scott Walker and the Kochs – Truthdig

This is an open thread.

Monday Reads: All the News from the District Of Derpistan

weird-Vintage-photos-kid-smoking-chickenGood Morning!

Ever read something on the news or see it on TV and just wonder wtf were they thinking when they asked that?  Fox New’s Chris Wallace asked “confirmed bachelor” Lindsey Graham why he hasn’t gotten married.  Is that the dumbest question you’ve ever heard or is Fox really trying to convince its audience that Lady Lindsey is really just so overwhelmed with family love he’s never needed sex of any kind?

F0x News host Chris Wallace told Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Sunday that he wished that he could put him on the “psychiatrist couch” to find out why the 59-year-old bachelor had never been married.

Last week, a Washington Post profile of the South Carolina Republican noted that Graham had helped raise his sister after his parents died while he was in college.

“Some of your friends suggested that might be the reason you never got married,” Wallace observed during an interview on Fox News Sunday. “We can’t put you on the psychiatrist couch. But those traumatic events, how did they shape your life?”

“It made me realize that the promise of tomorrow is just a promise,” Graham explained. “It taught me how much I was loved by the rest of my family. My aunt and uncle helped me raise my sister. Social Security survivor benefits coming into my family made a world of difference.”

“I understand we’re all one car wreck away from needing help, but what it told Lindsey Graham above all else is that family, friends and faith really do matter,” he continued. “And I’m a lucky man to have all the support I’ve had all these years.”

Graham, who said that there was a “91 percent” chance that he was running for president, insisted that he was trying his “best to pay back a country who has been so good to me.”

machorka345I guess he’s part of an “ambiguously gay duo”.
In his attempt to insult every one in the country, Rand Paul went full metal jacket isolationist.  That ought to really thrill Republicans and their defense industry donors.  He did manage to hit Hillary Clinton first.

Rand Paul ripped into his hawkish rivals for the Republican nomination Saturday, suggesting that problems in the Middle East would actually be worse under them than President Barack Obama.

“There’s a group of folks in our party who would have troops in six countries right now — maybe more,” the Kentucky senator told hundreds of activists at a GOP cattle call that has drawn every major presidential aspirant. “This is something, if you watch closely, that will separate me from many other Republicans. The other Republicans will criticize Hillary Clinton and the president for their foreign policy, but they would have done the same thing – just 10 times over!”

The Kentucky senator went on the offensive against the militarists in his own party – using his strongest language on the subject since formally kicking off his candidacy two weeks ago.

Speaking of the 2012 attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Paul asked: “Why the hell did we ever go into Libya in the first place?”

“Everyone who will criticize me wanted troops on the ground, our troops on the ground, in Libya,” he said. “It was a mistake to be in Libya. We are less safe. Jihadists swim in our swimming pool now. It’s a disaster.”

While you’re checking for jihadists in your swimming pool, please don’t forget the communists under your bed!  This has to be a vanity campaign like his father always ran.  No one can hold this many unpopular skeleton loveropinions and be a viable candidate for national office.

So, I’m only going to briefly mention this one because I’m still dumbfounded about MoDo and her seeming hatred of all things with a vagina but most of all Hillary Clinton. Why on earth does the NYT let her go one like this? The NYT Op Ed page is like a parade of the worst of the written word these days.

THE most famous woman on the planet has a confounding problem. She can’t figure out how to campaign as a woman.

If you can stomach it, you’ll read a barrage of how Clinton’s first campaign was shaped by men who Svengalied her into the Iron Lady.  Then, you’ll find the unicorns at the bottom.  Taylor Marsh calls modo a “sexist spinster” railing at “granny” going straight for the title of the op-ed of Granny Get Your Gun.  Marsh then has this to say.

Yo, bitch, Hillary isn’t campaigning “as a woman,” she is a woman campaigning. For commander in chief, I would add, but that’s too confusing for Maureen Dowd. If she was a modern woman in any respect she’d understand how ludicrous worrying about resurrecting “bitch is the new black” is, because watching Hillary Rodham Clinton make Republicans squeal like little girls is the essence of this chant.


I really want to end this here because MoDo really needs to find a nice nunnery to get thee to quickly.  Why is the NYT paying for this kind of drivel?

So no post on derp would be complete without something about Piyush Bobby Jindal (PBJ).  He and the frothy one are saddling up their hatefest and going to the holy land to do some rolling with Tony Perkins.  I’d say it’s about time we just throw up our hands and recognize that our Lt. Governor has been governing the last few years.  Jindal’s just a gadfly on the religious right’s ass.

For the second time this year, an anti-LGBT hate group is hosting a trip to Israel that will feature prominent figures from the Republican Party. The event will also feature Fox radio host Todd Starnes.

On October 27, the Family Research Council (FRC) will host its first ever eleven-day “Holy Land Tour” — a “unique, one-of-a kind tour” where guests will “explore the land of the Bible and the roots of our Christian faith” and meet with “some of Israel’s political and religious leaders.”

According to the tour’s brochure, the $5,000 trip features “insightful Bible teaching” and meetings with Israeli leaders aimed at providing guests with “a better understanding of Israel’s important role in current geopolitical affairs and biblical prophecy.”

The tour will feature a number of “special guests” including former Senator Rick Santorum, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R), and Fox News commentator Todd Starnes, who has a history of acting as FRC’s mouthpiece and peddling and-LGBT rhetoric on Fox.

Bend over and take it in the Red Sea governor.  Take it for Jayzus and your hopeless quest for the White House.

And with that, I leave this open thread to you.  What’s on your reading and blogging list today?